On the wide application of Bay leaves

On the wide application of Bay leaves

Bay leaf came to us from the Mediterranean, where it has been known since Antiquity. Now its main importer was Turkey, and it is used mainly in cooking. Two varieties of "Lavrushka" - Greek and Turkish - are rich and spicy taste. Another difference, rooted in the peculiarities of national cuisine, is the form of its application. "At home" it is often used fresh, while we have become a tradition of it dried.

Useful properties of Bay leaf in cooking

Still in the middle The 18TH century personal chef Maria Medici noted that the exceptional taste of Bay leaves will improve the taste of almost any dish. The cook was such an adherent of this seasoning that he even added it to sweet desserts. Now "Lavrushka" is used for sauces and marinades, soups and stews, fish and meat, in salty and sour dishes, goulash and jelly. The list goes on and on.

On the wide application of Bay leaves

The Use of Bay leaf not only in the kitchen

Dry Bay leaf for a reason. Antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils are perfectly preserved during a halt drying.

At a cold of small spice fill in with boiling water, insist, cool, filter and mix with sea salt in equal proportions. This mixture is washed nose, and if the same way to prepare a tincture, it is perfect for disinfection of boils.

A Steaming decoction of Bay leaves is used for inhalations for bronchitis, colds and tonsillitis. To do this, mix the seasonings with the same amount of calendula flowers and fill with boiling water. Adding a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus to the broth, you can start inhalation. Bath with the addition of this spice promotes weight loss, but it should be taken carefully: essential oils can damage the mucous or even cause skin burns. To protect yourself, take a bath in linen, and water at the same time do not hot, but warm. Laurel leaf oil disinfects the air in the room. Added to the aroma lamp, it is able to fight the flu virus. For this reason, the oil can lubricate the inner surface of the nose or grind them chest.

On the wide application of Bay leaves

Bay leaf: useful properties have restrictions

As noted above, Bay leaf has very fragrant oils that can cause irritation. If you use it there are symptoms of stuffy nose, it is necessary to limit the use of spices and consult a doctor. People with gastritis or ulcers should exclude this seasoning from their diet in order to avoid exacerbation. The same applies to liver, kidney and heart diseases. Any use of "Lavrushka" as a means of traditional medicine should be agreed with the doctor.

On the wide application of Bay leaves

How to brew Bay leaf at Allegri

Bay leaf Allergy is most often used to treat food allergies. There are several recipes for broth:

5 leaves of the plant are brewed in boiling water and infused for 15 minutes, then cooled and lubricated rash. This recipe requires prior testing: it is applied to a small area of skin. If there was no reaction, broth can be cleaned with problematic skin.

Dry leaves are brewed in boiling water and poured into a bath. After taking the skin, it is desirable not to wipe and let it dry naturally. This method can reduce the skin manifestations of allergies.

To Restore the skin will help the oil of Laurel. It is prepared from 200 ml of linseed oil and spices. The warmed oil is mixed with spice and infused for a week in a place inaccessible to light. After that, the mixture can not only be lubricated the body, but also buried in the nose.

Thus, applying Bay leaf from Allergy, choose an appropriate recipe and not forget consult with experts, to not worsen situation.

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