On the bottom of the sea

Even the simplest dish can be decorated as a holiday.
Any cheese, preferably crumbly fish (I pangasius), carefully cut out the starfish, potseluem-pepper, spread on a well-heated Teflon pan and a "star" and remnants of it (myself stew on low water, family and friends for raising fry. oil.) Boil the vegetables. And most importantly – the sauce. Me and him are low-calorie. The basis of the sauce – white yogurt without additives. To yogurt add soy sauce, ketchup, to taste – mustard, hot chili, garlic or finely chopped greens (who likes that).

Now collect our now. The bottom of the pan liberally grease with the sauce. Put a couple of lettuce leaves. Spread in the middle of those pieces of fish that were left from cutting out the "stars" , pour the sauce. Top gently spread the very "star". We make boiled vegetables, sauce and olives ( you can treat your family to a side dish of potatoes or rice ).

Love, when recipe gives room for experiment, then the absence of some components not puts in impasse.

Author: Julia 44

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