Olive oil for weight loss

olive oil is Very popular in many countries of the world, including Russia, as a dressing of salads and other dishes. This product has long been associated not only with Greece, but also with a healthy lifestyle, and recently also with weight loss. How to use olive oil, to straight for the excess kilograms – you will learn from this articles.

What is its value?

Loved by many women's product is a huge "storage" of important vitamins and minerals. Among the first, it is worth noting the vitamins of groups B, D, K, F, C and a relatively small amount of A and E. the Last two prevent the development of free radicals and promote rejuvenation of both the body and internal organs.

However, the main use of olive oil is not even in vitamins: fatty acids – this is what is especially appreciated this product! As part of linolenic oil, oleic and linoleic acids, thanks to which you can protect yourself from infertility, improve your vision, make stronger blood vessels and reduce the risk of cancer.

Olive oil at weight loss

But how to use it to lose excess weight? Many years ago, for the first time researchers from new York were able to find in olive oil the most valuable properties that allow a person to find a slender body: oleic acid, which is already mentioned above, produces a special substance that nourishes the body, conveying to the brain the relevant information. Thus, the person feels that he is full and it protects him from overeating or hobby of harmful high-calorie food. In addition, oleic acid helps to improve metabolism and increase serotonin levels.

Olive oil for weight loss

Of Course, to bet on only one oil is not necessary – it is advisable to approach the issue of weight loss complex, however, reviews of the use of olive oil suggest that the method is quite good and effective.

Should I take it on an empty stomach?

Yes! In order to effectively reduce excess weight, you need to take olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach – about 1-1.5 hours before Breakfast 1 tablespoon.

Also the oil is useful in cleaning the liver and also prevention of gastritis. In the first case, you need to drink a glass of tomato juice with a tablespoon of oil, and in the second – a glass of water with 1 tbsp. all, of course, take on an empty stomach.

How to use it for weight loss

Ideally, 2 times a day (each time before meals on an empty stomach). Rate: 30-35 days, after which it temporarily stop taking it. Nothing complicated in this method, as you can see, no. According to the reviews of people who have experienced this method, you can lose two to five kilograms in a month. And if you combine with diet and physical activity, the loss of excess weight is likely to be even more significant!

Can I mix with essential oil

Olive oil for weight loss

Yes, olive oil is effective for cellulite if it is mixed with such oils like tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot oil, pine, juniper and sandalwood.


  • Individual intolerance to the product
  • Stones in liver
  • Gallstones

How to choose oil

When choosing olive oil you just need to follow a couple of simple rules:

  1. Look at label. Choose if possible with the inscription Virgin or Virgin Extra (ideally – Extra Virgin D. O. P, but not everyone can afford it). What does that mean? Virgin – oil obtained as a result of cold pressing. Such a product is undoubtedly considered the best and better quality, unlike other species.
  2. don't forget about the other mark – Naturel. If the inscription is only in Russian, then "naturel" corresponds to "100% olive oil". This means that other types of oils (mixture) not in the bottle.
  3. Give preference to oil that is sold in dark bottles.

Among the disadvantages of olive oil, perhaps, can be noted only its short shelf life. So never collect a few bottles for future use! As a rule, buying a bottle, you need to use it for 6 months, a maximum of a year. However, you see, this drawback is not significant. Have a good weight loss and let the olive oil will bring you the maximum benefit!

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