Okinawan diet or Lactomarine

Okinawan diet or Lactomarine

The Phenomenon of longevity of the Okinawan people and their way life made a lot of noise and attracted the scientific world to the active study of the "diet of longevity". A large number of studies have compared the daily diet of the island residents and representatives of other countries of the world.

It turned Out that the average caloric content was only 1900 kcal per day, and the kitchen included fish, tofu, a large number of vegetables, rice... and seaweed.

This ascetic diet allowed to slow down the aging process, easily to overcome the 100-year mark and not know what cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Life expectancy for Okinawans is 86 years for women and 78 years for men.

Of Course, we want to extend the period of active longevity, but will the Okinawan diet apply to the modern, especially urban man? And what is the main secret of their health?

Turns out to be in brown algae. Their composition in a natural way it is balanced in micro-and macronutrient composition, biologically active substances, vitamins, amino acids and is able to provide the body with everything you need even at high loads.

In Order to bring the amazing gifts of the sea closer to us, a team of Russian scientists was able to develop a technology to preserve the natural composition of algae and present a product for our longevity – Lactomarine gel from brown seaweed Laminaria spp.

The production Technology is based on low-temperature hydrolysis, protected by patents and has no analogues in the world. A means to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals, with anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant and detoxification action. Natural, without side effects and drug dependence. 

Detoxification effect is provided by the release during the treatment of kelp alginic acid. Alginate, the components of 35% of the gel components are unique enterosorbents and are able to bind toxic and radioactive substances, and even heavy metals, forming complex complexes with them. Due to the fact that the alginates in the intestine are not digested and absorbed, the substances associated with them are freely excreted from the body

Included in the composition of fucoidan and laminarin help reduce cholesterol, improve fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and inhibit and suspend the development of atherosclerosis.

This product alone is able to solve several strategic tasks: to provide a sufficient amount of essential trace elements and act as a natural enterosorbent, neutralizing toxic substances, while not just draining the intestine, and restoring its microflora. Reducing the drug load on the body, the gel of brown algae is well tolerated, devoid of side effects and has almost no contraindications (except for conditions in which iodine preparations are contraindicated).

If in doubt, move to Okinawa or use Lactomarine, it should be clarified that the Okinawan diet is characterized by low protein content and low caloric content of food, which will lead to low growth. In addition, actively used soy sauce, known to contain excess salt, promotes hypertension, however, its mild form.

In any case, remember that the multifaceted effect of brown algae, due to the presence of bioactive components in their composition, opens up a wide prospect of their use as prevention, preservation of the reserve of health and active longevity.

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