Occisis! Breathing techniques, exercises for weight loss and health

breath OccisisSo, you decided to address a new exercise for weight loss Occisis! Set yourself up for serious work, because you have to train every day. But when you get used to breathing and exercise, you will be able to envy even fans of trips to the fitness club, because Oxy! indeed change shape for the better.

Occisis: as breathing

Before you start the exercises, you should practice the breathing technique until it becomes automatic. Author system Jill Johnson recommends that the first two weeks of training just to perform 10-15 cycles of breathing Occisis, and to the exercises proceed only when you are able to draw breath, absolutely without hesitation. So, start practicing breathing Occisis.

Basic breathing Occisis
1. Pose
Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly, relax your whole body to the hips. Then pull the abdomen about 30% of the maximum force, while slightly tilt the pelvis forward, lower back should be flat. Shoulder blades stretch to the spine, taking the correct posture. It is in this position and should do breathing occisis.

2. Inhale
Inhale deeply through the nose, while tilting the pelvis forward, squeezing the buttocks and straining the press. Stretch your lips into a smile, so that the air could not leave the lungs and amplifying a voltage abs and buttocks, make three additional sharp breath.

3. Exhale
As soon as the air will fill your lungs, start reverse motion. Tighten the lips with a tube, and make a long exhalation, while relaxing the buttocks, and "untwisting" the pelvis. Then make three additional exhalation, sharply pushing out the air remains in their lungs.

Four breathing cycles are counted as one repeat of the exercise. Do 10-15 repetitions to complete the beginner's training.

Occisis: exercise equipment

Side stretch
Work: press and waist
Technique: from the main posture for breathing, pull your right hand up, and lean to the right so that the body remains in the same plane with the pelvic bones. Carefully hold the stretch, do 4 breathing cycles, repeat three times with each hand.

Exercise: Squat against the wall
Work: leg muscles, buttocks, chest muscles
Technique: Stand against the wall, lean on her straight back and gradually fall into a squat. At the point where the hips are parallel to the floor, squeeze your hands in front of your chest, palm to palm.
Start breathing, do 4 cycles, repeat the exercise three times.

Exercise: Push-UPS Occisis
Work: the muscles of the arms, press, buttocks, legs, back
Technique: Turn your face to the wall, hands lean in front of the chest, palms parallel. Squeeze away from the wall and at the point of maximum tension, try to straighten the body, standing on tiptoes.
Feel the work of all the muscles and start breathing. 4 cycles, repeated 3 times

Exercise: Squat Oxy
Work: inner thigh and buttocks
Technique: Stand up straight, toes turned slightly inward, knees facing each other. Sit down a little and start to press on the floor as if you wanted to split the floor between your legs, spread it in different directions.
4 respiratory cycle, repeated 3 times, preferably to enhance the static muscle tension.

push-Up from a chair
Work: all muscles of the body
Technique: take a chair with a strong seat, sit on its edge, lean your hands on the seat. Gently slide the buttocks forward. Now you lean on your palms and toes.
Fix the pose and start breathing. 4 cycles, repeated 3 times.

Exercise: Stretching Cobra
Work: the back muscles and the press
Technique: Lie on the floor face down, put your hands at the breast in the palm of your hand. Gently Flex your arms at the elbows, stretching the muscles of the press. At this time, the hips are on the floor.
Try to do the breathing and stretch at the same time. 4 cycles, repeated 3 times.

Exercise: Rocket
Work: all muscles of the body, stretching
Technique: Lie on the floor on your back, pull your socks, hands behind your head. Imagine being pulled by your toes and hands at the same time.
Start your breathing cycle and don't forget to stretch in different directions. This exercise completes the oxy Cycle.

Perform the complex every day, and when it becomes easy, look for a video of Jill Johnson of the second level of difficulty.

Especially for AzbukaDiet.ru – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova

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