Occisis! – breathing exercises for weight loss

Occisis!Many of us tend to lose weight. To do this, we sit on diets, sign up in gyms, but not everyone is able to withstand the new regime. And now, in place of the enthusiasm comes disappointment. If there was a special system of simple exercises for...It exists, and is called Occisis! It's not a typo, exactly, with an exclamation point at the end, and named her exercise system American Jill Johnson.

Occisis!: advantages and disadvantages

Jill Johnson is an ordinary teacher, she has no academic degree in physiology or dietetics. However, it is a set of exercises for weight loss actively sold around the world. The fact that the problem of excess weight Jill is known firsthand. She was able to solve her problem with a combination of deep breathing, and special stretching and static poses.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Indeed, almost the same most offers us gymnastics Bodyflex slimming. What's the difference oxycise? First of all, occisis does not require breath hold, so it is quite suitable for people with retinal detachment. This gymnastics can engage pregnant women and older people. At the same time, Johnson insists that breathing exercises can be performed by those who are engaged in fitness or sports, as the enrichment of tissues with oxygen helps in the process of their recoveries.

A Significant advantage of breathing exercises for effective weight loss is that it is successfully "embedded" in any schedule. If Bodyflex need to do is strictly in the morning on an empty stomach, Occisis can be done at any time of the day, regardless of meals. The breathing technique itself is quite quiet, so that young moms may well be engaged while the child is sleeping.

Do Oxycise shortcomings? Yes, even though the author claims that her gymnastics is a complete replacement for fitness, for those who are constantly engaged in sports, this will clearly not be enough. So if you are used to other types of loads, you should use oxy As a morning exercise. Information about the fact that 20 minutes of gymnastics can spend 1000 kcal, greatly exaggerated. Yes, deep breathing increases the level of oxygen in the tissues and accelerates metabolism, but burning so many calories in such a short time is physically impossible. So if you want lose weight without diet, add to the gym Jogging and other aerobic classes.

Occisis!: training mode

The Only requirement for successful weight loss with Occisis – regular classes. For effective weight loss breathing exercises should be done every day. The work is on the principle of accumulation of muscle stress, tone increases gradually, day by day, so skipping classes-the other actually throws you back. But finding 20 minutes a day for respiratory charging is easier for many people than a few hours a week to visit the fitness club.

In Addition to gymnastics, you must comply with some requirements to the way of life. First of all, give up unnatural food, preservatives, dyes, do not eat in fast food restaurants, try to avoid carbonated drinks. Try to eat three times a day, and two times to have a bite. Typical meals – a vegetable salad, a portion of whole grains like porridge of brown rice, whole wheat pasta, bran bread. Snack can be fruit and small portions of low-fat dairy products. Be sure to drink two liters of water a day, and do not abuse tea and coffee.

In any case, for the start of a healthy life gymnastics oxy-Sise is what you need.

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