Obesity in girls affected by early puberty

Girls who have a predisposition to fullness, before their other peers are faced with increased production of hormones responsible for puberty. This conclusion was made by scientists of one of the medical centers located in San Francisco (USA). The results of the research were published in the printed edition of Pediatrics.

To date too early puberty in girls is quite a serious problem for many years psychologists and endometriosi from around the world. Problems also lie in the fact that during this period, girls can be subjected to severe stress, depression, have low self-esteem, and at certain terms of possible cases of suicide.

Researchers conducted a study among several thousand girls aged 7 to 14 years, and the conclusion was the statistical way – it says that it is still not sure about the direct link of obesity with early puberty. However, observations have shown that full girls through puberty already at the age of 8-9 years, in contrast to the rest of the children in whom this process occurs at 10-11 years.

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