Obesity, causes and degree of obesity by BMI

ObesityMany women believe that obesity can be called a few extra pounds if they spoil the appearance. Some people think overweight is obesity anyway. However, in fact, there are objective medical criteria when overweight is obesity and when it is not considered to be obesity. depending on the degree of excess of normal body weight and methods of calculation, there are 3 or 4 degrees or stages obesities.


The Ideal weight for the determination of the disease is calculated according to the formula "growth minus 100". There are also special tables to determine the normal body weight based on age and type physique.

  • the First degree of obesity is diagnosed if the patient's body weight exceeds the norm by 10-29%,
  • second – 30-49%,
  • third degree – 50-99%,
  • obesity fourth degree – more than 100%.

However, this criterion cannot be considered objective and sufficient. For the diagnosis of obesity, additional measurements of the thickness of the body fat layer are carried out with a special device – a caliper. After all, there are cases when the body weight exceeds the norm, and the person, meanwhile, can not be considered obese. This applies to professional athletes and Amateur bodybuilders whose muscle mass exceeds the average indicators.

Also the degree of obesity by BMI klassificeret (calculate body mass index). This figure is obtained by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the square of growth in meters. There are three degrees of obesity:

  • obesity grade 1 – 30-34,9 BMI,
  • obesity 2 extent – 35 – 39,9,
  • obesity grade 3 – over 40 BMI.

Today we have developed alternative the system of indicators – the so-called body volume index. It takes more into account the ratio of fat/muscle in the human body. To detect obesity, a three-dimensional scan of the human body is used, the method is currently available only in laboratories.

Sometimes obesity is classified by the so-called the method of Dr. Eshvell. Margaret Eshvell have shown a link between waist size of the person and degree of obesity. According to her method, the normal weight can be if the waist of a woman is equal to or less than "height minus 100 cm", we can talk about excess body weight, if the waist is equal to "growth minutes 90", with the indicator "growth minus 80" and more, we can talk about obesity and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Causes of obesity

The world health organization today believes that the main cause of obesity modern people lies is by no means in viruses or genetic predispositions. The primary culprit of the rapid increase in the weight of the world's population – negative changes in lifestyle. The main cause of obesity in developed countries – banal overeating. If a person uses more energy with food than his body spends on maintaining vital activity and daily activity, body weight increases due to the accumulation of surplus in the form of fat deposits. The situation is aggravated when, instead of the natural physical activity, a person leads a sedentary lifestyle and has no systematic power load. Then the excess energy is directly "deposited in fat", and do not go to the restoration of muscle tissue, as it happens in athletes.

However, there are other causes of obesity. So, this disease can be caused thyroid dysfunction – hypothyroidism. If the thyroid produces too little thyroid hormone, the metabolism, that is, the rate of energy consumption, slows down significantly. Roughly speaking, a person lacks less food, at the same time, he continues to eat as he used to, and is rapidly recovering. To exclude this reason for a sharp increase in weight at home, you should visit endocrinologist and to hand over analyses on hormones T3 and T4.

There are other variants of endocrine obesity – in violation of insulin and prolactin metabolism. The risk of the latter increases in women during premenopause and in connection with the intake of certain hormonal drugs. Currently, the relationship between hormonal oral contraceptives and obesity is not considered to be proven, it is a hormone replacement therapy for difficulties with conception.

U men "hormonal" obesity may be associated with decreased testosterone production. Sometimes it happens as a reaction to taking anabolic steroids or other drugs for muscle growth. Doctors offer the so-called hypothetical causes of obesity, that is, assumptions. In their opinion, there is a gene in the human genome that is responsible for predisposition to this disease in the presence of other equal conditions. This gene indeed revealed, but the extent of it effects on the possible manifestation of obesity, provided that the person will eat normally and maintain physical activity, not identified.

Tricyclic antidepressants, neuroleptics and some psychotropic drugs are also referred to as causes of obesity. There are scientific studies that prove that the use of sibutramine drugs to suppress appetite can provoke obesity in the future. In any case, the manipulation of the natural appetite and exceeding the dosage of drugs such as Lindax and Meridian able to provoke withdrawal syndrome and obesity in the future.

Sometimes obesity is associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, depressive States of different nature, and even systematic lack of sleep. It is proved that overwork can negatively affect the hormonal metabolism of a person, in particular, disrupt the secretion of hormones responsible for appetite. The by the way, these States are not in all cases provoke obesity, they only aggravate the risk factors, causing overeating.

If you are overweight and believe that it is obesity, it makes sense to undergo a full medical examination before you go on a diet or start exercising.

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