Obesity 1 degree in women: treatment, how many kg

If a woman is diagnosed with grade 1 obesity, she already needs treatment. This is a dangerous pathology, which is associated with metabolic disorders, quickly moves to the next stage of development. Some people mistakenly believe that grade 1 obesity is not a threat to health and is not worth attention. In fact, this is the first bell that indicates a running pathological process. And it is sure to continue its development, if not in time to change the way of life.

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BMI in obesity grade 1

Obesity first degree weight 20-30% higher than normal. BMI is 27-30.

How many kg in obesity of 1 degree women? With the growth of 160 cm body weight of approximately 75 kg.

The photo below shows how the woman looks at obesity of 1 degree.

Types of obesity

Several types of obesity are known today:

  • alimentary;
  • exogenous;
  • visceral;
  • gynoid.

Alimentary obesity constitutional Genesis is a family disease that occurs due to regular consumption of high-calorie food with a low-active lifestyle. As a rule, in a family with a disturbed diet, everyone suffers from the problem of excess weight.

Women over the age of 40 are Most susceptible to alimentary obesity, when activity becomes less and energy balance is disturbed. This type can be divided into two subspecies: stable (excess weight increased and stopped at a certain level), and progressive (goes in the 2 and 3 stage).

The Causes of exogenous obesity are similar to the previous species. But, unlike alimentary, it is not associated with genetic predisposition and is a consequence of the acquired disease.

Visceral obesity is most dangerous for humans because fat accumulates around the internal organs. This type of pathology is the most difficult to treat and leads to various diseases.

Method obesity inherent in directly to women. Fat accumulates on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

the Main causes of obesity

As you know, to get rid of the disease, it is necessary to eliminate its cause. As for obesity 1 degree, it is promoted by the following factors:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of food behavior, which arose as a result of the impact of psychological factors;
  • pathology of the hypothalamus;
  • Prader-Willi syndrome;
  • uncontrolled psychoactive drugs;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • low-activity lifestyle and others.

Note! At the very beginning of the development of obesity 1 degree of man gaining a small amount of excess weight, which often does not pay attention. But it is at this stage that it is easiest to prevent further accumulation of fat.

Treatment of obesity grade 1

Amazing results can be achieved due To changes in diet and increased physical activity. In most cases, obesity 1 degree it is possible to do without the use of medication preparations'.

The quality of nutrition can be Improved by consuming foods containing dietary fiber and reducing fatty and carbohydrate ingredients. Include in the diet foods rich in vitamins and useful trace elements. Do not forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Approximate menu for the week

In obesity grade 1 diet is a mandatory element of treatment, without which it is impossible to achieve effectiveness. The approximate menu for the week is presented in the table.

Monday Breakfast Bread made of bran, meat salad and a Cup of coffee with milk
Lunch Vegetable soup (preferably without salt), unsweetened Apple compote and water (an hour and a half after eating)
afternoon Snack Baked Apple
Dinner Boiled potatoes, pickled fish and broth from briar
Tuesday Breakfast Meat boiled, vinaigrette and a Cup of coffee with milk
Lunch Stewed beet, stuffed vegetables stuffed cabbage rolls and unsweetened cherry compote
afternoon Snack cottage Cheese casserole
Dinner Small piece cheese, meat okroshka and clean water (one and a half hours after a meal)
Wednesday Breakfast Vegetable salad with vegetable oil, omelet and coffee with milk
Lunch Vegetable garnish, tomato juice and clean water (one and a half hours after eating)
afternoon Snack a Glass of natural yogurt without additives
Dinner Boiled fish, broth of rose hips and clean water
Thursday Breakfast Beet puree, cheese and water (only not during and not immediately after meals)
Lunch beef Stroganoff, stewed beet and unsweetened green tea
afternoon Snack Kefir
Dinner Stuffed vegetables stuffed cabbage, broth of rose hips and water (one and a half hours after eating)
Friday Breakfast Carrot puree, green unsweetened tea and water (only not immediately after food)
Lunch Bread with bran, meat salad and clean water (one and a half to two hours after meals)
afternoon Snack Baked Apple with honey
Dinner Stewed beet, beef Stroganoff and green tea without Sahara
Saturday Breakfast Fruit salad (peaches and mango), small cake and green tea
Lunch Vegetable soup, fresh cabbage salad and clean water 20 minutes after eating
afternoon Snack Tea with biscuit cookies
Dinner Pumpkin-cucumber salad, broth of rose hips and green tea
Sunday Breakfast a Small portion of buckwheat porridge, a small piece of meat and coffee with milk
Lunch Borscht with mushrooms, green tea and clean water (one and a half to two hours after taking food)
afternoon Snack cottage Cheese with raisins without sugar
Dinner a Small portion of rice porridge, cottage cheese casserole and clean water (only not immediately after eating)

Physical activity

To get Rid of extra pounds with one diet, but it will take time. For accelerate the process of weight loss is recommended to increase physical activity. In the morning it is desirable to do exercises, instead of the Elevator, climb the stairs, walk more. You can also use the gym 2-3 times a week.

Medical treatment

If coping with obesity 1 degree does not work with diet and exercise, you can use medication. Drugs help to cope with the problem Orsten, Orlistat, Orlimex, which are trade names xenical. It is recommended to take 1 capsule three times a day before meals. The drug reduces the absorption of fat by the intestine, which contributes to weight loss.

It is Forbidden to use drugs with an increased content of oxalates in urine and the presence of kidney stones. It is also not recommended to take them for pancreatitis and other diseases GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT.


Surgical treatment for obesity 1 degree is rarely used, because in most cases to cope with the problem help sparing methods. But when nothing else is left, the doctor prescribes therapy to patients by bariatric surgery.

Note! Surgical intervention is prescribed in the presence of certain indications and is not carried out only at will a person who is overweight.

The Indication for surgery is a BMI above 40, indicating the last degree of obesity, in which it is impossible to reduce weight by standard methods. But the operation can be assigned to people with type 2 diabetes, varicose veins and other diseases with a lower body mass index.

Note! If there is a need for obesity surgery first the degree in women is usually prescribed gastroplasty, in which part of the stomach is removed. From the rest of the body form a thin and long sleeve. This approach allows you to reduce the capacity of the stomach almost 10 times.

people's ways of coping with obesity

In Advance it should be noted that the treatment of folk remedies is not a major method of therapy. However, it can enhance the effect of drugs. Indispensably understand that traditional medicine have contraindications, so before using them you should consult your doctor.

In the fight with excess kilograms proven effectiveness root celery, green tea. These tools accelerate metabolic processes in the body and fat oxidation. And thanks to the stimulation of the nervous system, a person wants to move more, which leads to a greater consumption of energy.

Reduce body weight help herb's diuretic and laxative actions. However, it is not recommended to use them, especially in obesity 1 degree. With prolonged use of diuretics and laxatives, along with harmful substances from the body, useful substances are washed out.

Plantain leaves are recommended To reduce appetite. This plant contains fibers that tend to completely fill the stomach, resulting in a person does not feel hungry. In addition, plantain stabilizes blood glucose levels.

It is Also useful to consume seaweed as it normalizes thyroid function and dulls hunger. Reduce weight help ginger, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, Cayenne pepper. Spices in particular are powerful antioxidants.

To quickly lose weight, getting rid of obesity 1 degree, requires a comprehensive treatment. It includes diet, regular exercise, and if necessary – drug therapy. In the most severe cases, the doctor decides on surgery. But, as a rule, with obesity of the 1st degree, proper nutrition and moderate physical activity are enough.

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