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Oat dietDiet on oatmeal refers to a mono-diet, longer than 1-2 weeks to stick to it. For a week of oatmeal diet you can lose 3-5 kg.

Since oatmeal is so good, then and diet on oatmeal porridge (in the absence of contraindications) is capable exert positive influence on health.

  • Regular use of oatmeal helps cleanse the body, lower cholesterol, conclusion free radical.
  • Oatmeal has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.
  • do Not forget that oatmeal for Breakfast is a famous French recipe for beauty. No wonder oatmeal is included in the diet diet beauty.

To enhance the slimming effect before starting the oatmeal diet, it is recommended to cleanse with rice:

On the night of 4 tablespoons of rice, pour a liter cold water. In the morning, boil this mixture for 40-60 minutes on low heat until the Lily-livered state. The resulting jelly to drink and then for 5 hours do not eat or drink. Then eat as usual, limiting fat, sweet and flour. For 5 hours until sleep again to exclude any food and beverages, to drink only drinking water without gases.

Cleansing Procedure lasts 7-10 days.

Oat diet Menu for weight loss

The Main component of the diet menu is oatmeal:

  • for Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner – porridge on the water;
  • in breaks – can be eat fruit, except bananas and grapes.

During the diet to drink at least 1.5-2 litres of liquid: clean non-carbonated water, green (black) tea. But drink – only in between meals.

is to Cook the oatmeal you cereal "Hercules", which either boil water or simply pour boiling water for a few minutes. Do not salt porridge, do not add sugar, honey.

For Breakfast in a porridge you can add some dried fruit, in in particular, if you have a tendency to constipation, it is useful to add prunes. For flavor you can add to porridge cinnamon.

Volume portion of an individual, eat to satiety. Porridge of oatmeal is well saturated, the feeling of hunger on the diet will not bother.

The Duration of the oatmeal diet is not more than 2 weeks, if you want to sit on oatmeal longer (up to a month), include milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, seeds, dried fruits.

Repeat the diet is not recommended before 6 months.

Overweight is one of the main problems of civilization. And one of the reasons for this is overeating caused by excessive variety of foods, especially with the addition of large amounts of sugar, fats, flavor enhancers. In order to give the digestive system a rest and help the body to clean up, suitable diet porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, pearl).

Contraindications to the oatmeal diet:
Pregnant and lactating women, any mono is contraindicated.
In the presence of chronic diseases before you go on a diet consult your doctor.

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