Oat diet for weight loss for 7 days: menu, reviews

Oat diet for weight loss for 7 days: menu, reviews"Oatmeal, sir!"with these words, every morning Barrymore served sir Henry the traditional English porridge. Indeed, it is oatmeal porridge is considered a real English dish, loved and revered in the foggy Albion. We want to tell you what is the diet of oatmeal, and what oatmeal diet results can give.

Before you try the diet on Hercules bran, you need to understand that oat grains – very useful product. By the number of proteins, this porridge is second only to buckwheat. It also contains vitamins E, K, PP, C, group B, rare vitamin H – carotene, Biotin, nicotine and pantogenic acids, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, chromium, manganese, zinc, Nickel, fluorine, iodine, sulfur, silicon. It is necessary to clarify that Hercules called flakes obtained in a special way during the processing of oat grains.

Oat bran Diet is useful for diabetics, people with gastrointestinal disorders, cardiac activity. Daily consumption of oatmeal reduces cholesterol in the blood.

If we talk about the dietary properties of oatmeal porridge, its caloric content is 84 Kcal per 100 g (provided that the oatmeal is cooked on water, without the addition of sugar and oil). No wonder the oatmeal diet has the most positive reviews. Even in a break between other types of diets it is not forbidden to arrange fasting days on oatmeal. This contributes not only to the loss of excess weight, but also improve health. No wonder the people called the oatmeal diet miracle diet.

Oatmeal diet the recipe is very simple: 2 tablespoons of Hercules should be filled with a glass of boiling water, then bring the porridge to full readiness over low heat. Knowledgeable people say that it is better not to cook, but to steam the Hercules flakes for 10-20 minutes. This will preserve all the useful properties of oatmeal. Designed oatmeal diet for a week.

Eating porridge is recommended in small portions throughout the day, however the last meal should be no later than six o'clock in the evening. It is allowed to drink only green or herbal tea, as well as water (the volume of liquid is not more than two liters per day). With strict diet for a week to really get rid of seven pounds.

Of Course, if you manage to survive such a regime diet for 3-4 days, and the result of weight loss will be 3-4 pounds. If you think such a heavy diet for weight loss, the recipe can be chosen more gentle. In this case, the menu will be more diverse: it is allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, unsweetened juices, kefir and milk with low calorie content.

Sample menu of oatmeal diet sparing type:

Breakfast: oatmeal on water with the addition of half a grated Apple or a handful of raisins, green or herbal tea;
Second Breakfast: low-fat yogurt or Apple;
Lunch: oatmeal on water with a spoon of honey, a glass of kefir or yogurt with low fat content (0,1-0,2%);
Afternoon snack: Apple or grated carrot with a spoon of honey;
Dinner: oatmeal porridge (200 g) on skim milk, 50 g nuts, half unsweetened Apple, green tea.

After completing the course oatmeal diet is recommended in future to limit the consumption of fatty, starchy and fatty. In this case, you will be able to consolidate the result and forget about the excess weight.
Oatmeal diet is suitable only for short-term diet. Experts advise to repeat it no more than once every four months. Not good Hercules diet nursing mothers and pregnant women, people suffering from gastritis, colitis or ulcer.

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