Nutritionists on the dangers of vegetarianism | For weight loss and health

About pros of vegetarianism has already been said. Here are the arguments of nutritionists – opponents of vegetarianism, or rather, opponents of the form of vegetarianism, when they refuse all animal products, including eggs and milk.

In order to understand what can manifest harm vegetarianism, first see: why body need protein?

Protein is necessary for metabolism, for growth and reproduction, for all life processes in the body, for the process of thinking.

In Addition, some vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body only with sufficient protein.

Our body is essential for life two dozen amino acids protein, he is capable of producing 12 and 8 must receive from food.

All proteins are divided into 4 classes:

  1. Proteins of milk and eggs, there is some necessary amino acids, but the missing amino acids the body can get itself.
  2. Proteins beef, fish, soybeans – the ratio irreplaceable amino acids the best among all for rights, but not an ideal.
  3. Vegetable grains proteins.
  4. Proteins of gelatin and hemoglobin.

As a result of researches it was found out that the organism assimilates:

Chicken egg Protein – 100%;
fermented milk – 90%;
fresh milk – 83%;
beef – 76%;
cottage cheese – 75%.

For comparison, plant proteins of wheat flour are absorbed by the body by 52%.

While animal protein advanced "help" to get vegetable protein.

The Fact that the body for normal functioning, you need meat, doesn't mean that they need to overeat, the adult person has enough 100 grams per day.
At the same time there will be no problems with elevated cholesterol.
But if there is no meat at all, there may be no less serious problem – atrophy of the heart muscle.

But not so simple, scientists believe that there are people who have different work exchange substances'. Their bodies don't need animal protein.

But such people – very little. Therefore, if you want meat, do not forcibly make your body a vegetarian.

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