Nutrition tips and the best exercises for a beautiful press

To Achieve the perfect the press is not so difficult. Just competently perform physical activity. And if you add to this the proper nutrition, the result will be achieved as soon as possible.

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In order for the press to appear, you need to get rid of fat deposits that have accumulated for a long time. So follow the nutrition tips and perform effective exercises.

Basic principles of nutrition

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According to experienced coaches, the creation of an ideal press is only 50% dependent on regular exercise, as no less important role is played by nutrition. All over the world, nutritionists are advised to adhere to the rule 1/3. The essence is as follows:

– One third of the diet is protein foods (poultry, fish, meat, cottage cheese, eggs);
– The remaining two-thirds is the correct carbohydrate food (porridge without sugar, fruits, vegetables).

What as for fats, you should not specifically enter them in the menu, since they are already contained in the above products. The most useful fat compounds are found in fish, olives and seafood.

Important! From high-calorie sweets and fast food will have to give up. Want a snack? Choose vegetables and nuts!

Diet for an ideal press is characterized by five meals a day, but small portions. Optimal meal plan: Breakfast, second Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Fractional nutrition will help to avoid a strong sense of hunger and, as a consequence, overeating. There is also a pattern: the more often the gastrointestinal system is used, the more calories are consumed, and, accordingly, a person loses weight.

advice! Train yourself to eat at the same time to improve digestion and speed up metabolism.

TOP 3 exercises for beautiful press

If you don't have time for going to the gym, then exercise at home. Next, consider 3 simple and effective exercises to burn visceral fat and strengthen muscles. They are as safe for the body and do not involve overloads.

Exercise №1

Lie on a Mat, bend legs in knees, hands right. Socks tear off from the floor surface.

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From this position, gently lift your hips. At the top, hold for a couple of seconds and go back.

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Exercise №2

Sit on the floor, a little pushing back and legs pull forward. Bend your arms at the elbows, put your hands together.

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Turn left and right in the speaker.

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Exercise №3

Lift your feet about 60 degrees. Perform vertical Mahi, one leg lowering and lifting the other.

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Exercise can be complicated, with legs at a 30 degree angle and performing not only vertical, but also horizontal swings.

Proper nutrition and regular physical activity – the key to your ideal press!

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