Nutrition in stroke and what you can eat after stroke

nutrition is of great importance For a patient diagnosed with stroke. Change your diet will have to radically. Forever need to abandon food greasy, too salty iostroy. To keep fit will have to: eat right; perform moderate exercise; fully relax.

Compliance with these rules and medical recommendations will allow you to recover and prevent recurrence of stroke. Stop read more on the diet and allowed foods.

What can I eat with stroke

It Often happens that the patient has absolutely no appetite or unpleasant swallow food.

This is dangerous because the body weakens and does not receive the necessary trace elements. In this case, the food for stroke may include liquid soups, porridge and mashed potatoes.

Products under stroke need include not in large numbers. Preference should be given to cereals, fish, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, vegetables. Vegetable and butter in small quantities.

Foods under stroke

Stroke experts advise to eat foods that are good for the heart. And these are those in which a high content of potassium, folic acid and fiber. Oranges, lentils and asparagus are also very useful.

The recommended products include marine fish, as it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are actively involved in biochemical reactions. This, for example, tuna, salmon, sardines, herring.

Fresh berries, fruits and fresh juice. Blueberries and cranberries are very useful. They have a pronounced antioxidant effect.

vegetable consumption is Recommended. Prepare cabbage, spinach or beetroot dishes. They are able to improve biochemical reactions in the brain. Diet after a stroke allows you to use these vegetables raw and stewed.

the First time after a stroke, the diet should be completely salted. Only after a while, you can it will add a little salt to the food. Don't forget the salt contributes to high blood pressure.

Diet for stroke hard enough, but you need to eat, as the body should be a force for recovery.

Nutrition of patients after stroke

What can you eat at a stroke we have already considered. But the recovery period requires proper nutrition after a stroke.

What can you eat after a stroke you will say the attending doctor. There are nuances that depend on how you have the course of the disease and the reasons that provoked it. But still there are General recommendations of the diet after a stroke:

1. it is Strongly recommended to limit the use of salt and sugar.

2. Food should be consumed boiled, baked or chopped.

3. The following products should be limited or completely excluded:

fat pork, lamb, goose, duck;

– puff pastry, cakes, pies;

meat and cooking fats;

meat, fish and mushroom broths;

pepper and mustard.

Physical activity after stroke

A Person who has suffered a stroke should change his / her habitual way of life. But this applies not only to the diet.

You Need to train yourself to give the body a little exercise, which will contribute to:

improving well-being;

muscle strengthening;

restoring the usual tone of the musculoskeletal system.

Besides, regular gymnastics reduces weight, normalizes blood pressure, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

Physical activity after a stroke is selected by the attending physician individually, depending on the severity of the stroke and the patient's age. But there are a number of General recommendations:

1. physical exercise will need to be given at least 30 minutes a day;

2. it can be swimming, riding on Cycling or Hiking;

3. you can start with the usual gymnastics – a few pull-UPS, squats and tilts to the sides every day.

These simple activities will help the body to Wake up, recharge and get a good mood. Be healthy!

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