Nutrition during lent, harm and benefit, is it possible to lose weight in the post – opinion of nutritionists

Meals during lentMeals during lent is the subject of discussion not only in religious circles. Many girls go to lean food in the spring, just to bring the figure back to normal for the summer. The Orthodox Church does not approve of such motives, but our article is devoted not to the spiritual, but to the dietary side of fasting.

Modern dietetics literally "frightens" us with excess carbohydrates, and the lean table is usually saturated with these substances. However, it is very many people fast and lose weight. Is it worth repeating their experience?

Post Use

Post can be useful as a "bridge" from everyday life to a healthier diet.

You will learn to control the amount of oil in the dishes, give up such sources of cholesterol as fatty fried meat, butter and fatty dairy products.

Moreover, as a will shrink the share of sweets. If, of course, you do not set a goal to seek out and buy lean pastries and chocolate, the amount of "ballast food" in the diet will decrease.

Fasting argue that withstand fasting is much easier than any diet. The psychological effect of fasting is quite understandable – you concentrate on purification and the spiritual side of fasting, not putting the diet at the forefront. Next to you are people who eat the same way, and in cafes and restaurants it is much easier to explain that you need a lean dish than to tell what diet you follow now.

The Benefit of fasting for healing the body
The transition to a vegan diet with a lot of porridge made from natural cereals, vegetables, fruits and nuts helps to normalize digestion. Problems such as constipation, "sluggish bowel syndrome", high blood pressure due to too fat and "salty" diet will remain in the past.

Can be whether to lose weight in post

Experts say – you can lose weight in the post, and at any time, as long as you eat a balanced diet, and eat fewer calories than you spend during the day. The meaning goes on vegetarian (in lax fasts) and vegan (in Lent) diet, and continue to overeat there is no. If the first thing you start to stock lean candy and lean mayonnaise, download recipes lean cakes, and especially do not comply with the religious Canon, perhaps you should start with a less strict diet that will instill in you the right eating habits.

Very often fasting overeat completely "harmless" seeds and nuts, and even use dried fruits almost kilograms. From the point of view of physiology, this effect is understandable. A person is deprived of milk and meat, the total glycemic index of meals increases, the appetite increases, so we nibble all the hearty and delicious. So, to lose weight you need to stick to a balance in the diet, and follow the recommendations of nutritionists.

Diet in post: opinion nutritionists

General "idea" of the diet during the fast it is best to take the famous nutritionist Anatoly Volkov. It is simple – a lean table should not be monotonous, on average, a person should "repeat" dishes 3-4 times a month. Although this approach contradicts the Orthodox Canon. The Church prescribes routine is once a day, and on Saturday and Sunday – 2 times, and choose the most simple dishes, not to "pander to the womb". In addition, in Lazarev Saturday you can caviar, and the Annunciation, palm Sunday – river fish.

The Russian Academy of medical Sciences, for unknown reasons, ignores the tradition of fasting and did not make public advice on nutrition. In these conditions we can take advantage of "vegan pyramid" of the American Association of dieticians.

At the heart of the diet 6-11 (100 g boiled) portions porridge on water, legumes, lean bread and loaves.
Three portions of this amount should be "supplied" by tofu, soybeans, soy yogurt and other protein products.
In addition, you can eat 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-3 fruits, as well as 4 teaspoons of linseed oil or 30 g of nuts.

How to withdraw from the post of

According to A. Volkov, the number of emergency calls is increasing just in the Easter week, when the people "come off" after 40 days of abstinence. Don't do that.

If you lose weight – eat after fasting low-fat cottage cheese, not the classic Easter with butter and eggs. Refrain from the cake (no more than one 30-gram slice at the holiday table), it is better to enter into the diet of dairy products and no more than 1 serving of fatty fish per day.

Try week do without fat meat, simply reversing the in your "vegetarian" pyramid pulses, on fermented milk, fish and cottage cheese. And only after 7 days, you can actively include animal protein in your diet without the risk of getting better.

Alcohol is quite poorly absorbed after fasting. Therefore, refrain from any "libations" except a glass of dry red wine at the festive table. To help digestion, you can take any remedy with bifidobacteria, but only if you feel heavy in the gastrointestinal tract.

Harm office

Dawn Jackson Blanter, the expert of the American dietetic Association, Dr. medical Sciences, claims that vegetarian lean diet in any case is poor in iodine, zinc, iron, complete proteins, and vitamins of group B. To overcome the lack of nutrients in the post, you will not only eat vitamins and minerals in synthetic form, but also to calculate the beneficial combinations of vegetables, cereals and soybeans in advance. A thoughtless transition to a lean diet can slow down the recovery of muscle tissue, reduce immunity and exacerbation chronic disease.

Chief nutritionist of the clinic "emerald" Marianna Trifonova believes that fasting is useful only if a person does not have eating disorders, otherwise it can cause harm. The habit of overeating in combination with a protein-deficient diet can play a cruel joke with a person.

M. Trifonov describes the case when a girl, eating some fruits and vegetables, managed not only to stretch the stomach, but completely lose your femininity.

This effect nutritionists associated with a lack of omega-three fatty acids and full protein. So try to fast reasonably and you will be able to maintain health and lose weight.

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