Nutrition and sports in mastopathy

Many women are interested in questions such as: what to take for mastitis ? what to drink with mastopathy ? What should be the diet for mastitis ? What is contraindicated in mastopathy ? This is important and you should know that a diet with mastopathy is mandatory. What products should I refuse?

  • firstly, it is coffee, cigarettes and alcohol;
  • also carbonated drinks.

What can and can not mastitis

If you are interested in mastitis is not there , it is primarily salt. Salt delays water in the body, which is undesirable. Salt, of course, can be used in small amounts, but do not abuse it. It is also necessary to start taking diuretics, drink herbs and tinctures on them. The causes that can be caused by the disease are very different (conflicts at work, stress, inflammation, abortion), but everything changes when you are diagnosed with mastopathy. Diet , exercise and a positive attitude will help the body cope with the changes that have occurred in the body.

Honey in mastitis is used as a nutrient compress. So honey can and should be used for mastopathy, only externally.

Mastopathy is inflammation of the mammary glands, formation of seals and cysts inside the breast. It develops on the background of breastfeeding, or, on the contrary, the lack of regular sexual life. Stress, increased nervousness and heightened emotional perception can also cause the development of this disease.

Mastopathy: nutrition, sports and timely diagnosis.

Nutrition under mastopathy

Mastitis absolutely can not eat smoked and fatty foods. There are many things that can not be mastopathy. For example, if you ask yourself what you can not eat with mastopathy, you should limit and virtually eliminate the consumption of carbohydrates. What is useful in mastopathy ? Can mastitis fatty fish, eggs, seaweed, vegetables and fruits, legumes. Here is the list products that can and can not be mastopathy.

Why can't drink coffee in mastitis? There is a theory that caffeine has a "beneficial" effect on the formation of "cysts" and promotes the development of connective tissue.

So, mastopathy: that can't ? Coffee, soda, carbs, cigarettes and alcohol. It is the most basic! Mastopathy and nutrition ― things are interrelated, so you should follow the diet especially carefully.

Carrot juice: what is useful in mastitis? Carrot, and better beet-carrot juice extremely useful under this illness. Beet juice in mastopathy is even used in the form of compresses. Can I drink chicory with mastopathy? Definitely, Yes! Experts recommend moving instead of coffee and black tea on chicory and green tea.

Sport with mastopathy

Sport mastitis is more of a physical connotation than "big sports". Suitable small complexes of simple exercises for several approaches each. If you have the opportunity to sign up for a dance, perfect energetic "belly dance". Exercises from mastopathy can be a simple Aqua aerobics! Classes and exercise in the water ― the best healer in diseases of milk glands.

Contraindication for mastopathy is primarily self-medication. Before you decide what to take for mastopathy, consult your doctor-mammologist or gynecologist. Because it is important to determine the stage, and, starting from this, if the stage is late, the doctor can prescribe hormonal drugs.

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