Non-obvious factors that prevent you from losing weight

Do you Eat healthy food and do sports, and the arrow of scales has stalled on one mark? Do not despair and continue to move towards the goal, but first figure out what prevents you lose weight.

Next, consider the non-obvious little things that you did not pay attention to before. They can be an obstacle in the struggle for harmony figures!

Abundance salt in the diet

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Many people underestimate the influence of salt, but this spice is one of the main enemies of a slim figure. Scientists have proved that 1 g of salt holds up to 10 g of moisture in the body! As a result, there is swelling of tissues and hated "orange peel". To avoid unpleasant consequences, nutritionists recommend eating slightly salted dishes. Make them taste more saturated can be using a variety of spices and fresh herbs.

Drink while eating

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Drinking food is extremely harmful not only for weight loss, but also for health. The fact that the liquid reduces the concentration of gastric juice, which is why the digestive process is disrupted, and the products are poorly absorbed. Nutritionists are advised to drink half an hour before meals and 40 minutes after. If you have eaten a meat dish, it is better to wait an hour.

Interesting fact! Many experts are of the opinion that the food can only be washed down with dry wine, as it stimulates the digestive processes and facilitates the absorption of food eaten.

Lack of Sleep

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Sleep plays a key role in the fat burning process. With a lack sleep in the body increases the level of stress hormone cortisol, which increases the craving for high-calorie food and contributes to the deposition of fat in the waist. When sleep is enough, the body produces the hormone melatonin, which is an activator of the appearance of the so-called beige fat (these are special cells that burn fat deposits with the release of energy). This hormone also prevents the decline of the mood and promotes sports indicators'.

Habit to eat for a child

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When children eat and leave the table, there is often something left in their plates. Many moms decide "well, do not disappear as good!"and begin to eat up the remains, which eventually becomes a habit. But only 100 extra calories a day can lead to an increase of two kilograms of weight in a couple of months. So if you want to lose weight, stop eating for children.

Detox programs

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Various detox programs are gaining popularity, since the idea to cleanse the body and lose weight with the help of bright smoothies and juices looks attractive. These drinks are really very useful, but not when they form the basis of the diet. On this diet you will get rid of excess water in the body, but not from fat. The weight lost in this way will return very quickly.

Pay attention! Most nutritionists recommend using smoothies and juices only in the morning, as they are a lot fructoses.


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Here we are talking about a variety of fitness bars, curds and crispy flakes, which are presented in advertising as a dietary product. The labels "products-tricks" is often written "low fat", but the composition includes sugar syrup. So, this is a real carbohydrate threat to a slim figure. Instead fitness bars as snacks it is better to choose fruit or natural yogurt.

Breakfast Pass

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Many girls refuse Breakfast, thereby reducing the number of calories consumed with food (because in the morning, instead of eating, it is better to sleep in!). However, this is a big mistake, because it is Breakfast that starts the metabolic processes in the body. If you do not saturate your body in the morning, it will start working in the energy saving mode, strenuously storing fats literally "out of the air".

Now you know the non-obvious reasons preventing you to lose weight. Make some adjustments, and weight loss will be faster!

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