Mustard bath for weight loss, reviews, recipe, contraindications

Mustard bath for weight lossMustard bath for weight loss works wonders! In just a few weeks, resting in a nice warm bath, you lose weight, reduce the visible manifestations of cellulite and generally slim and rejuvenate before your eyes. Many supporters of the method, exactly what I think, but can this result be true, and if so, is the mustard bath safe for health? Let's try to understand all this.

Mustard bath for weight loss: a popular recipe
Before you arrange a home Spa treatments, be sure to check your skin for sensitivity to mustard. Take a little mustard powder, dilute with water to a mushy consistency, apply to the wrist on the back side, and rinse with cold water after 20 minutes. If during the day there was no Allergy, and you did not have irritation from mustard plasters in childhood, you can use this recipe.

To prepare a mustard bath for weight loss, you will need the usual powdered mustard. Ready seasoning in a tube contains in addition to mustard and vinegar, so it can cause skin irritation.

To prepare the bath, dilute 150 g of powdered mustard to a mushy state with water and then add to the bath. The water temperature should not exceed 16 degrees. After all, mustard is very aggressive, overheating can cause thermal burns.

Next apply a greasy cream labeled "winter" or regular olive oil to the tender areas of the skin and sit in the bathroom. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.

Mustard bath do in the evening, after a bath it is necessary to be rinsed with water of room temperature, but not to take a shower. Then you should use nourishing body milk, put on warm pajamas, and go to bed. And here is promoted in mustard bath oil grapefruit or enjoy the after it anti-cellulite cream is not necessary – so you only strengthen the burns.

Under No circumstances should you take a mustard bath every day. Better alternate it with milk andsalt bath, which removes excess fluid from the body, and also helps get rid of cellulite.

For one bath, take a quart of milk and 0.5 kg of sea salt with no additives, bath should not be hot (the water temperature of 23-35'C), and the duration of the bath 20 min.

After this bath you can use any anti-cellulite masks and creams, but the best time for the procedure is evening.

You need to do 10 milk salt mustard and 10 baths.

Mustard bath and burning fat

We Hasten to disappoint, in fact mustard bath does not burn fat. She's not capable of miracles like speed up metabolism and activate the process of weight loss by increasing body temperature. But, nevertheless, the course of such procedures can significantly lose in volume. Miracles? No, banal lymphatic drainage. Mustard bath improves blood circulation and lymph flow, so the body actively gets rid of intercellular liquids.

Enhances the effect of the procedure diet with low salt, drinking green tea and natural mineral water in an amount of more than 2 liters per day. You can also exclude simple carbohydrates for the duration of procedures – sweets, sweet fruits, pastries, honey.

And mustard bath can help the novice "athletes" in the process of adaptation to stress. Good blood circulation helps us to get rid of muscle pain faster, which means that it increases the comfort of the program losing weight. So, the bath is good as an additional beauty procedure and really helps in the difficult matter of weight loss.

But what about the contraindications? In addition to allergies, these include skin diseases, and standard "bans" for any course of baths – cardiovascular, gynecological and renal diseases.

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