Mummy: harm and benefit for children and adults

Mummy: harm and benefit for children and adults

Shilajit is known as the tool that can save you from thousands of diseases. Literally from Greek it means "preserving the body". Mountain wax ― the second name of this product ― has not only healing properties, but also the ability to strengthen the immune system. For medicinal purposes drink mummy began from Medieval times, although the first was used to clean precious metals. In our time, the greatest value has Eastern and Altai mountains wax. Sell it in pharmacies in the form of powder, tablets, liquid.

A Fairly long time scientists could not discover the secret of origin and to find out what is from Shilajit use. It is found in different regions of the planet, but the structure is almost the same everywhere. Scientists of Kyrgyzstan managed to solve the mystery: they found out that the miracle drug is formed in the mountains by changing the biological mass consisting of bee venom, animal feces and dry plants'.

Mummy: harm and benefit for children and adults

Mummy: benefit and harm

This product is used in different medical fields. Mountain wax is a natural colloidal mineral, a source of various amino acids, metal oxides, vitamins, especially group B. However, the mystery of this tool is not fully disclosed.

Why drink mummy:

  • at various injuries of bones (fractures, cracks) together with calcium ― the product promotes the best regeneration of bone tissue;
  • with weak metabolic processes ― the drug is rich in vitamins and minerals and has a beneficial effect on cell growth;
  • when various eye diseases ― myopia, glaucoma, cataract;
  • to strengthen immunity;
  • for the prevention of colds.

For all its merits, Shilajit can also be harmful. Like any other biologically active substance, it is dangerous, first of all, an overdose. Experts recommend drinking it certain courses and take breaks. Possible and individual intolerance of this product's.

Mummy: harm and benefit for children and adults

Mummy: why and how to take it

For the treatment of diseases of the eye need ready mountain wax in liquid form. You can buy it ready or prepare a solution yourself from tablets. For preparation of emulsion for lotions necessary substances (you need to see the dosage on tablets) and 4 tablespoons of distilled water. Mountain wax dissolve and add 0.5 teaspoons of honey, better buckwheat. In a solution it is good to moisten cotton disks and to put them on eyes for 15 minutes.

To strengthen the immune system of the ancient miracle cure to be taken in the morning to 0.5 g. to Combine intake of Shilajit is not recommended with strong coffee or tea. The usual course of application consists of four weeks, and then take a break for three months.

To strengthen bones, mountain wax is combined with calcium and vitamin D3. Take it in the morning 0.5 g, add one tablet of calcium and five drops of vitamin D3. The minimum course is one month.

Mummy: harm and benefit for children and adults

Mummy liquid: hair treatment

Shilajit for hair add to the balm-the conditioner when shampooing. the drugs are mixed with the balm, applied to the hair and left half an hour. Then all washed off with warm water. But at high dosages mummy hair is harmful because the substance is very active. Therefore, it is not recommended to make a mask more often than once every five days. Mummy tablets are used for hair as well, but for this dry matter in the same dosage is first diluted in boiled water.

Mummy for children: benefit ― harm

Very carefully use a mineral wax need in the treatment of children. First of all, there is a high risk of allergic reaction. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is better to consult a doctor. The ancient medicine is used to strengthen children's immunity and prevent colds.

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