Muesli "lose Weight in a week": reviews, composition

Muesli "lose Weight in a week": reviews, compositionYou're on a diet, but really want to try something sweet? In order not to be afraid of unwanted weight gain, try bars-muesli "lose Weight in a week"! What it is, you will learn from this article.

Granola Bars are a very tasty product, rich in vitamins and other useful substances. it is Intended for everyday use, and in cases where it is necessary, what is called, "lunch on the move." Granola bars have a great nutritional value, so their reception will help to recharge your batteries for a long time during the day. Attractive product and the fact that it is convenient to carry: in a handbag or pocket.

Composition bars-muesli "lose Weight for week"

Different types of "lose Weight in a week" muesli contain certain ingredients. For example, the bar "Apple with flax seeds" contains, as the name suggests, dried apples and flax seeds. Other varieties of bars may contain oat flakes and cereals, molasses, confectionery fat, white glaze, vitamin C, dried strawberries, green tea extract, fennel, lecithin and sorbitol.

For those people who always prefer movement, slim muesli "lose Weight in a week" is an ideal way to restore energy and recharge your batteries for the whole day. Also in the bars may be present honey, rice and popcorn, berries and other ingredients that contribute to the normal functioning of the intestine. You can be sure that this product does not contain sugar! Minimum calories – a big plus for your health!

If you compare the calorie level of muesli and various sweets, it turns out that the bars-muesli "lose Weight in a week" an order of magnitude less calories than chocolates and bars, waffles or ordinary chocolate.

Bars "Fennel with green tea"

Green tea, as well as fennel improves digestive processes and removes from the human body products obtained from metabolism. It is known that fennel stabilizes intestinal motility and improves metabolism. Green tea also removes toxins and slags from the body, as well as releases fat cells, resulting in normal weight of the person. That is why it is useful to eat muesli with fennel and green tea.

However, and other products-muesli not less useful: fruit fat-burning bar №7 will help to get rid of excess weight and control the current. It is based on special components with high biological function. The product has a very pleasant taste. The fat-burning fruit bar muesli contains vitamin C and Cambodian Garcinia, which is responsible for reducing cholesterol in the blood and fat accumulation.

Reviews of muesli "lose Weight in a week"

Numerous positive reviews of products "lose Weight in a week" indicate the high quality of granola bars and their huge benefits:

"every Day I eat about 5-6 pieces. In fact, it has already replaced the food with granola bars. I really like "Fennel with green tea". I eat it with great pleasure. After it, as a rule, there is no longer want to, because the bar is very satisfying. While I started to use only a week ago, but I think over time this diet will help me to lose a few kilograms". Svetlana, 26 years old, Moscow

"I Did not like that there is Sorbitol in the composition, as I do not like products with sugar and its substitutes. Otherwise, I like the taste of granola bars, especially with blueberries. Lovely dessert!" Marina, 30 years, Moscow

"Tasty and healthy! I do not like sweet high-calorie chocolate, so as a sweet drink these bars. Their composition is rich: rice, oat flakes, corn, apples and much more. You can eat with tea or mineral water. The taste is quite rich". Olga, 32 years old, Moscow.

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