Movies about weight loss: what to see?

The Process of weight loss consists not only of exercise and diet, but also a psychological mood. The most terrible enemy of motivation is fear: the futility of training in the gym, before exhausting diets or even the fear of falling, bringing yourself even more pounds. the Components of motivation are the reason you decided to lose weight, and support. In order not to lose the focus of the motivation, you can sometimes watch movies where the hero is the thorny path slimming.

As movies affects our psyche?

It's No secret that we often associate ourselves with the main positive character of the film, in every way worrying about him and sharing his experiences. V at some point, the degree of empathy reaches such a level that we subconsciously experience the same experiences as the hero, but to a lesser extent. For example, if the heroine is experiencing an exciting novel, then about the same feelings will experience an impressionable viewer. Empathy explains why we can laugh or cry over the film, not for a moment doubting that what is happening on the screen - only skillful acting. But is it possible to make a person lose weight with the help of cinema? Of course, one watching Bridget Jones's Diary will not be enough, but this and similar films can support, instruct or simply amuse.
Movies about weight loss

Feature films about weight loss

Here running the show of Comedy and melodramas. The first are suitable for uplifting. Girls and guys with curvaceous now and then get into funny situations, behave comically, but always achieve the goal. In melodramas often chubby girl not only loses weight, and finds his chosen one. Such a story can motivate anyone.
Top 5 feature films about weight loss opens the already mentioned "Bridget Jones Diary". In the center of the story is a funny and charming fat girl who decides to change her life, lose weight, quit Smoking and find the man of your dreams. Men is as much as two - a family friend mark Darcy and chief Daniel cleaver. Along with this the girl begins to keep a diary that records all their thoughts dreams.
"200 pounds of beauty" is a great movie for motivation. Kang Han Na has an exceptionally charming voice and a terrifying weight. She sings "behind the scenes" for a mediocre, but charming girl, but after hearing a cynical but fair verdict about her appearance, decides change.
Approximately the same motivation moves three heroines from the movie "School for fatties". At some point, three unfamiliar women realize that the extra pounds make them unhappy, and begin a merciless war with them.
But the heroine of Barbara Streisand in the melodrama "Two faces in the mirror" successfully coped with the task of transforming herself, turning from a lush lady into a sexy blonde, but after that the heroine and difficulties begin.
The Comedy "Love evil" makes you look at people differently. Her hero Hal Larson is hypnotized and falls in love with rosemary, a very fat and clamped girl who seems to him a slender beauty.
Movies about weight loss

Documentaries about weight loss

They can be divided into two categories. The first includes films about food. After learning what makes sausage, sausages or cakes, you will not want to eat them for a long time. And medical programs about the dangers of fast food clearly explain how dangerous it is to eat chips, fried pies and drink "sweet water". In the second tell about people who managed to lose weight from very big to normal. Listening to the stories of people who lost 40-50 kg and thus saved their lives, you begin to realize that it is not so difficult to lose your 5-10 kg and be absolutely happy person.

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