Movement to a slim figure | For weight loss and health

Diets, especially fast, can help to lose weight, but to consolidate the result, in order to slim figure and health accompanied us all life, the best option – regular exercise. And here, as a rule, the most difficult thing is to start, to teach the body to enjoy the movements.

Some tips for beginners:
1. If you are just starting to deal with your body – the main principle of building training should be a feeling pleasure, pick up the load on the forces.

2. In order for the body to get used to constant training should take some time, you can initially even reward yourself with some sweetness after training.

3. As a reward for constant training make yourself gifts.

4. First, make sure that training has become a habit, then enter dietary restrictions.

5. Pay more attention to the changes in the figure, not to weight loss, muscles weigh more than fat, and you can get slimmer, and weight is almost unchanged.

6. If you train after work, it is better to work out, coming home, most likely, you will want to relax.

7. If it seems that there is no time for training, start with 20-30 minutes every day.

8. A good option is to find a friend or a friend with whom you will be engaged.

9. It is not necessary to go to the gym, you can practice in the nearest Park or at home, you can buy a DVD with training.

10. If your workout lasts a long time, replenish liquid, it is best to drink mineral water or drinking water with lemon.

11. If you constantly doing something one, change periodically types of physical activity. A variety of exercises accelerates metabolism. Try swimming, Cycling, strength training, aerobics.

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