Motivation for weight loss: tips nutritionists and psychologists

Motivation for weight loss is not just a picture with a slim model on the fridge. The perfect attitude – it is very personal and difficult. Often tips from books and articles are not suitable for a particular person, which is why most of us can not "sit out" diet, or to accustom themselves to regular physical activity. However, psychologists have long studied the General patterns of motivation of an action, and today we will try to apply these knowledge to weight loss.

Rational motivation for effective weight loss

Where: method of cognitive therapist D. Beck
For whom: lovers plan, control, write lists and set goals

How to find motivation for weight loss rationally:

  • Make a list of everything you could do after losing weight but can't do now. Write here anything, and important things like the birth of a child, and cute whims like buying a mini skirt with lace.
  • Write down from this list the most important points on the card, always carry it with you, and read from time to time time's.
  • be Sure to reread your motivational card before each meal.
  • Set yourself a specific goal, but do not associate it with weight. For example, "by the end of October, I will stop adding sugar to coffee, eat cakes for lunch, and will take healthy snacks in office". A specific goal may be the observance of a "ready" diet.
  • Write down for your goal individual arrangements on its achieving – tasks. For example, if your goal is not to put sugar in coffee, on Monday the task will be to put 1 spoon less on Tuesday – 2 tablespoons less on Wednesday – to replace the rest of the sugar stevia tablets, and so on.
  • Try not to overexert yourself and not to set a bunch of goals at the same time. Optimal for weight loss – 2-3 goals for 1 month, so you rather form healthy habits.
  • Write down goals, objectives and specific activities in a separate exercise book. Raschertite sheet in the 2nd half, and draw one "plan"; in another "fact".

Emotional-stressful motivation

Where: method of weight loss Dr. Kovalkov, and most Russian nutritionists
For whom: the girls, fixated on looks, fashion and appearance, as well as all missing in her hand, and living for children

How to convince yourself to lose weight for health:

Despite its scary name, motivation technique is very effective for weight loss. It helps, so to speak, to highlight the main thing for what you lose weight, and shift the emphasis from unhealthy ways of weight loss to normal, recommended doctors. Step by step instructions:

  • Go through a medical examination, ask the doctor to tell you in detail and in colors about the dangers of excess weight for health.
  • Think about what you can and cannot do if your weight increases and your health deteriorates. Believe that following a short diet without the subsequent transition to a healthy and proper nutrition – guaranteed weight growth.
  • Understand what to lose weight it is worth for health to be strong and active as long as possible.
  • Choose one healthy, recommended by certified dietitians, weight loss regimen, and follow it (see diets from dietitians).
  • do Not try in whatever was the "flaunt" their first results. Track only the improvement of health, and continue to lose weight on their own plan until you reach the result.

Motivation for weight loss with visualization

Where: systems of positive psychology L. hay and A. Sviyash
For whom: for visuals and creative personalities who are inspired by beauty, not health

How to lose weight creatively with motivation:

  • we Think over in the brightest details how happily and interestingly we will live after weight loss.
  • Sit down at the table and write on motivating narrative from first faces, what we'll do when we lose weight.
  • you Can make a collage of magazine photos, you can take a photo story about your future life.
  • Look at myself in the mirror, and convince ourselves that we are worthy of a beautiful and vibrant life.
  • we Start to do everything as if we have already lost weight. If you want to go on a trip – go right now, want to update your wardrobe – buy yourself a couple of stylish things of your size.
  • Morning and evening re-read your story about a slim life or just dream.
  • Do visualization – collage yourself with a slender figure in the photo, or just imagine yourself thinner.
  • "Scroll" visualization in the head always, as soon as we start to be lazy to do exercises or feel craving for harmful food.
  • Choose a method of weight loss, which would be the most natural for us, do not condemn, do not punish and do not criticize myself.

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