Morning walks help to reduce excess weight

Morning walks help to reduce excess weightAmerican researchers claim: walking in the morning is not only good for the body, but also help you lose weight! In particular, we are talking about Sunny morning time. Observations of scientists have helped to establish that those people who like to walk in the early morning under the sun, much slimmer than their peers. The special experiment involved about 55 people, including 26 men, and the average age of all volunteers was 30-32 years.

Each participant was given a special sensor, which is worn on the wrist. Thus, the impact of the sun's rays is measured. The device also counts the duration of sleep. Volunteers every day kept a diary, who has contributed information about its diet. The study lasted exactly one week.

The results of scientific observation revealed that the most slender participants – those who almost every day walked in the sun in the early morning. Phyllis Zee, Director of the medical center at northwestern University of Chicago, argues that the sun's rays under certain circumstances (in this case, referring to the morning hours) lead to a decrease in the body mass index. Zee advises everyone people who want to lose weight, walk for half an hour, starting from 7-8 am, if it's Sunny outside.

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