Morning exercises for weight loss, exercises for charging

how to do exercisesHow to do exercises and whether it should be done in the morning? You can often hear the opinion that physical activity is harmful to the unburdened body, and therefore the best option is to completely abandon the morning exercises. In fact, modern man needs to use every opportunity to move and practice, and charging in the morning is no exception. The main thing is to follow simple rules.

How to do morning charging: typical errors

• do Not concentrate on one muscle group, justifying that you do not have time. Often girls make any Mahi for thighs and buttocks within 10 minutes or the same amount of time they pump the press and believe that they are well trained. In fact, such an approach to charging is the best way to get no result from it, or, at best, a local increase in muscle tone.

• do Not need to equate morning exercises and morning training. In the first case, you work no more than 20 minutes, and the main goal is to Wake up and warm up the body with simple exercises. Morning training is performed at least half an hour after waking up and must necessarily include a serious workout.

• No need to do morning exercises with your only fitness workout. If so, try to choose for morning classes complex systems for weight loss like Bodyflex or Oxidise, you can also to address yoga. The sequence of asanas for beginners usually does not take more than 20 minutes.

• No need to start with intense jumping, active running, or strength exercises. Even the smallest workout should start with a 3-5 minute warm-up.

Do exercises for weight loss correctly: the basic rules of the complex

Make a set of exercises for morning exercises for weight loss is quite simple. Let's say you can charge for 15 minutes every morning. Then within 5 minutes you should warm up, and 10 minutes to devote to General exercises that will strengthen the muscles and help awake.

To warm up, walk around the room, gradually increasing the intensity, pull in the stomach, strain your hands and make them move when walking. Try to gradually increase the intensity of movement. At the end of the warm-up you can go for a quick run, small jumps.

Then concentrate on exercises that involve the body to the maximum:
Here is a sample list exercises to charge by the morning:

  • Squat until thighs parallel with the floor. 10 repetitions with arms outstretched in front of the chest, 10 repetitions with arms outstretched.
  • Pushups from the floor on straight legs or with knees (for beginners) 10-20 repetitions.
  • plank Pose for 20-40 seconds.
  • "Swimming" – lying on his stomach alternately off the floor arms and legs and quickly-bistrocafedeli them perpendicular to the surface movement.
  • Strap in a jump. Stand up straight, bend forward and touch hands to floor, make the push-up position on toes and hands, to jump out socks to bring to the palms and stand up straight. 4-5 repetitions.
  • Lunges with tilt forward. Lower yourself into the lunge, with both hands reach for the floor behind the thigh of the leg perpendicular to the floor, rise to the starting position and repeat 10 times in each direction.
  • Complete the exercise cycle with any exercise on press – straight twist, or the rise of straight legs will come in handy.

But if you don't like traditional exercise, you can just turn on your favorite music and dance under it 15-20 minutes. The main thing – try not to do sharp movements at the beginning of his dance, trying to gradually increase the intensity. Do exercises every morning, and you are sure to strengthen your health and lose weight, gain courage and a beautiful figure.

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