Morning exercises for vivacity and slim figure

Morning exercise carries a huge favor ? for an organism. It helps to recharge vigor, improve performance and raise yourself ? mood. By doing a simple set of exercises daily, you will no longer feel overwhelmed in the morning.

In Addition, morning exercises with a focus on cardio helps to accelerate metabolism and achieve a chic figure. And all this in just 10 minutes in day!

Exercise №1. Running in the bar

Stand in the position of the bar on the elongated hands.

photo Source: (channel Workout – Be in shape!)

Start running in the bar, alternately pulling his knees to his chest.

photo Source: (channel Workout – Be in shape!)

Important! During the exercise, make sure that the back is smooth.

Exercise 2. Boxing jumps

Do jumping jacks, while movements should resemble Boxing. The right leg put forward, and quickly throw the left hand. Then forward put your left foot and throw the right hand.

photo Source: (channel Workout – Be in shape!)

Please note! The emphasis is always on the foot in front.

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Exercise 3. Attacks with a turn

Starting position – legs together, back straight, arms slightly drawn back.

photo Source: (channel Workout – Be in shape!)

Right foot takes a step to the side and rely on her, at the same time unfolding the hull. Then return to the starting position and the same movements are performed on the left side.

photo Source: (channel Workout – Be in shape!)

Perform Each exercise in 2 sets. The duration of one approach – 1-1,5 minutes.

Please note! Before charging, it is important not to forget to do a little warm-up to increase the effectiveness of exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

Exercise daily, achieve great weight loss results and enjoy your wonderful mood!

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