Morning after overeating | For weight loss and health

This happens to almost everyone. All the results of the diet (or just a healthy diet) are crossed out one evening, in which you could not resist and ate too much. And now you feel only guilt and depression.

How to meet the morning after overeating with maximum benefit to the body?

Firstly, it is not necessary to further upset yourself and to stand on the scales. If you ate salty or sweet food the night before, it could cause water retention in the body. This water we first and foremost will be removed.

Today under ban all salty. But you can eat protein: eggs, lean meat (chicken breast). The body, digesting protein, removes water. Also recommended are foods that contain fiber, be appropriate, for example grain bread or with bran.

Don't try to limit yourself in calories to the maximum. Malnutrition can provoke a new attack of gluttony.

As a rule, Breakfast recommended as a meal, necessary to avoid a set of extra pounds. But if you don't feel hungry after yesterday's high-calorie meal, it might be better to skip Breakfast.

Lunch. A nutritious, but low-carb lunch, such as chicken breast with green salad, will help to get enough and at the same time not to overeat.

The Process of eating should be as conscious as possible. Do not eat anything while talking, reading or watching TV. Eat slowly, you should feel the taste of each piece

Since you still have guilt about yesterday overeating perhaps it is now time to reflect what the cause of this.
Frequent reasons are day's stress that you seize the night.
Perhaps you were in the company and could not deny yourself a variety of high-calorie Goodies.
Also, the cause of evening breakdowns can be malnutrition (very low-calorie diet) during the day.

Most women need about 1500 – 2000 kcal per day depending on age and level of physical activity.

Try to think over your actions to next time stop in time. For example, you come back from work tired and hungry, make sure that you can immediately eat, such as vegetables or fruit, and does not hurt a small piece of bitter chocolate.

There are many ways that can help to fight the gluttony.
When you are home – can help food diary you must have write that they are going to eat.
Can be hung on the fridge or candy Cabinet your photo in a swimsuit, before you walk to the kitchen, go to the mirror and conduct auto-training, tell yourself 10-20 times that you are the most charming and attractive. Or before you eat something unwanted, present this product as components (for example, cookies – a mixture of flour, butter and sugar).
It is best to try all the options to find out which one will help you.

If you are at a party where the food is very good, tell yourself immediately that you will not have a cake, for example, but tomorrow in the morning or in the afternoon allow yourself a favorite cake.

If evening or night eating is already in the habit, it is not necessary to try to completely remake themselves. Try to gradually reduce the portions, replace the rolls at least sweet fruits, vegetables. Salted crackers – dietary bread. To add to your diet healthy snacks and eliminate "empty calories".

Try before you eat something solid, eat 2-3 tablespoons of bran with water.

A Good way not to eat late at night is to have dinner easily early and go for some exercise, it can be fitness, swimming, figure skating ... or just do something.

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