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milk.Fasting days on the milk (or milk) diet are quite popular among those who want to lose weight and then maintain the weight normal. Read more about how it is recommended to prepare and consume this drink in the article "dairy for weight loss".


Success Stories weight loss with malakachan

This article contains some feedback and tips left by site readers.

How to cook and drink milk


Girls, that would not feel HUNGER! in no case do not take milk less than 1.5%. (and on the first day and even better 2.5.%-the result is not much affected, but to sustain it will be much light in weight.) And drink at least 1.5 liters of water.
Molokochay and drink water when you feel hungry. On average, it turns out in about 1-2 hours in the glass. Easy on the water. You can drink after 6. I'm caffeine sensitive and even molokochay before bedtime drink – nothing.
And one more thing, do not be afraid if the first day the head hurts – it comes out slags. Drink more water. Next time, your head won't bother you.
And for office workers, it is more convenient to drink MCH lazy: in brewed tea (half a Cup) of milk is poured (the remaining half Cup). And drink. It looks like you just love English tea.

Dairy diet, reviews


I was sitting in the summer on molokochae and much of it first read. And here's a tip – you need to drink not to the point of "burst" and the need to remove the feeling of hunger. Yes, drink in 2 hours, but do not set a task to drink a liter and a half of milk, it can be less and a little more – who needs as!


On me, so better alternate with water. I drink a glass Morococha, a glass of water, and so on until 8 PM=))


Better not be lazy, and brew a normal, expensive leaf tea (his and to drink much "feels better"). You just have to buy yourself a special mug.
About what's best loose leaf tea I know for myself. The first time I tried milk diet after birth (when the feed stopped) about 2 years ago, it brewed leaf tea is lost I can't believe I have such a figure before birth was not + nails, skin, hair.....!!!
Then I tried to unload the New year because something looks bloated, but I wanted to look decent, and my mistake was just that I have the sense of laziness brewed tea bags directly in a mug of hot milk, pre-heating it in the microwave. Well, I mean, it's worse. First, worse in taste, and secondly, the feeling of satiety. As a result, this leads to the fact that you get tired of unloading and begin to freebie (then there is a piece, then unloading under the "plausible" pretext you will miss, etc.) the result was, but worse.


Yes better of course sit in alone and those same days, simply you as the this obliges. My body is already used to the fact that on Monday he has a milk day, after the weekend and sit without problems. And when in different days, so I think tomorrow on MCH, tomorrow has not turned out all right after tomorrow, too, failed and so on to infinity.


I Want to say that the weight on the following day returned, but to a lesser extent. And when sitting not first week, then gradually every week goes gr. 300-400 it is body weight (fat that is, and volumes), and not liquids.


Girls, add ginger and honey a bit of sugar(1 tsp.). Stimulates, invigorates better than coffee, saturates, loses appetite for a long time.

Olga D.:

Very love molokochay. In a quart of very hot milk throw 4 tsp green tea (namely green, black and nowhere near the utility), add 2 tsp cinnamon, insist 20-30 minutes. Then I dilute with hot water until the taste of the drink is pleasant – usually 1:1.
Also instead of mineral water do ginger drink (per liter of boiling water, finely cut ginger root (large plum), cut into half a million, you can add a couple of cloves of crushed garlic (it will have the most effect, but the taste is so-so). It is infused for about 40 minutes. Then just dilute and drink. If not diluted, it will burn your mouth (but some like it).
Repeatedly has hosted such unloading malokase and ginger drink. The result is always a minimum of -1 kg, max I had was 2 kg (one pound back).
But the effect is lost if you spend, for example, milk days often. Once a week is the best!


Gladly sit today molokotina. A to on dream not affected – drink tea until 18-00. And then just water. Before sleep, add 1 teaspoon of honey. I read a lot real comments'. Weight lose slowly, but steadily. Even the doctor advised me to drink it.


Green tea very tones, I, when he was tried, too, could not sleep. I switched to black with additives, the taste is softer, and sleep better. However, for 1.5 hours before bedtime drink a glass of kefir, I can't fall asleep to the sound of a hungry stomach. As it turned out, it does not affect the result.


Girls, brought an interesting pattern!
Sat on the MCH once a week, went from 1.4 kg to 600 grams for unloading. It turned out that 2 days ate a lot, so I decided to make a "poluraspredelenia day" in MCH: a little light Breakfast and a standard lunch for me (meat and salad). The rest of the time I drank milk as usual. Plumb per day was -1,300 kg.!!!
After that experiment there was a standard discharge at MCH (-700 grams). Yesterday I decided instead try "half-load" (Apple for Breakfast, chicken and egg for lunch, plus MCH). A little sin, and in the evening 150 calories for dinner. Today again plumb -1kg!
So that now I unloading on molokochae'm canceling!!! I'm going to do two "polubeskonechnykh" day per week, the more tolerated it completely unnoticed!


If you have to fight with them, so molokochay not yours )) I stand molokotina day very easily, well and to each his own of course, the main thing – result )))

So we should not sit on molokochae if you feel fatigued, dizzy, etc.

Successful weight loss Stories with milk

Each story is different, who wants to lose weight slowly but surely, someone- to get everything at once. It is not necessary to copy them completely, the best result is obtained from the one who does not fight with his body, but listens to it, and selects the nuances of the dairy diet for himself.

Molokotina combine with striped diet (1 day – yogurt, and replace it once or twice a week at MCH, 2 – all is possible until 18:00 in a reasonable limits.) I feel the result, I especially like that it is easy to lean forward, the inflated stomach does not interfere. Lightness throughout the body. And by the way, stand normally, and the night sleep and hunger does not Wake up as some. in the morning hot green tea 30 minutes before meals and without sugar. Generally whom that suited.


Regularly sit on tea with milk, sometimes add honey, winter sometimes'm arranging unloading on cottage cheese, on meat, the rest of the time – I eat what I want, before that there were 10 extra kg, now a year, as the excess weight is gone and does not return )))


I'm such a discharge arranged every 4 days for 1.5 months. and then once a week – for three months minus 17kg. At the same time in days without molokochaya did not refuse to herself favourite:)
For 4 months the result holds, only here for Christmas holidays, while 1.5 kg. will Definitely arrange another molokotina the fasting period!


Molokochay – this simply nice. The result really is: slowly but surely the weight is reduced, and removed the extra volume (barrel, legs there are different). The result really lasts a long time. But the most important thing is that the condition of the nails is improving. My nails are just disgusting, and then, after 1.5 months weekly-unloading claws such molokochae industry that even all his friends and acquaintances surprised, talking about me!


Didn't know about molokotina diet, but as it turned out, sitting on it since January. Only I sit on it every other day. Lost well I day eat anything pasta beer, only tea with milk, and slowly and surely all gone, recently started to be lazy and eat three days in a row, but still trying to hold on. I am very prone to fullness, and for me all diets have been tried. Now I'm hanging normally, not ashamed hands open and skirt short dress. Very lose weight, no Li-dy will not replace the nature of the product, I advise everyone.


Girls, I sit on molokochae already two months and 10 days. Initially weighed 63 kilo. Now same 56-57 on next day after MCH. I sit on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The results are visible PTS much=) Even relatives, who see me every day notice. Girls lose weight slowly but PTS right+ everything else and cheerfully. Hunger is not felt at all, more comfortable, ease, begin to grow hair and nails. Out all the toxins.
Yeah, and the rest of the day, I don't limit myself to anything.=) Eat when you want, and what you want. Important still lose weight=0 what slow girls, this is not a problem=) But for sure, without tension, without stretching it all, 2-3 pounds in a month – just the norm.
I think those who want to quickly, you just need to eat less fat,sweet, in the evening to try to eat less, and of course sports to work out. =)


I argue that the molokochae you can lose weight in a week by 5 kg. But if you put yourself in a rigid frame! That is, I rule "don't eat after 18:00? changed it a little to "not eating after 12:00?.Yes, I admit it is tough! How else? In the morning, eating full, but without gluttony, the usual customary Breakfast... And everything. ALL!!!!!!!! Then just milk.
Many will say that it is harmful, but the beauty, as you know, it requires sacrifice. And the skin for a week as the peach was. No cream or powder is needed. When I came to my master eyelash-she was out! And now sits on molokochae.

Dairy diet, reviews

300ml Drink in the morning. instead of Breakfast, plus a piece of bread with honey and butter. Before lunch a couple of glasses of green tea – do not drink the water at all. Lunch ordinary, but not overeating. If you want – eat an Apple or tangerine, but not always, on desire. Dinner again-300ml. Morococha and one or two cookies. So I can eat for a very long time. Last year I lost 16 kg. Now my weight is 70 kg with the growth of 176. I am 50 years old, in my life I tried dozens of diets, ran for many years. Concluded you can have it all, but not enough. Just enough to be always a little hungry. In the years my weight has varied from 63 to 83кг.


I Have girlfriend was very plump, you could even say plump. After a while, when I saw her, I was stunned. She was gorgeous, slender, beautiful, with so much joy in her eyes. I asked her how it was possible, I couldn't believe my eyes. She told that sitting on a diet-unhealthy weight loss was stubborn, and performed, all as written. Even though reduced the amount of food, and after 6 p.m. she didn't eat. Lost a year. So girls hang on, if very much want, then everything is real.
Yes I forgot to write, she did a fasting day once a week for a year.


Milkshake is delicious. I do it easier: brew a mixture of black and green tea strong enough, and then add the milk directly into the Cup (a little) at 400 grams. tea less than 100 gr. milk.
Drink 5 times a day. If you want to eat, then in the afternoon something easy. Then someone on the forum wrote, even the meat with the salad to eat for dinner too molokochay, before bed – yogurt. And so three days.
Perfectly quenches hunger, it seems to me, for strict diets suitable as a Supplement, the main thing – during a drink, until the phase of "brutal" hunger and some cabbage salad "without everything" will not help. I drink milk often, because I limit myself in nutrition almost all the time. Strict diets fear, because 15 kg still have to lose (20 lbs I already lost). The milkman suppresses the craving for sweets.
In the evening, if green tea acts excitingly, you can drink something else, for example chicory, herbal tea, something soothing.


Girls hi! Good luck to everyone on PM!!! I on it dropped 10 kg in 6 months.
Took the most ordinary green tea without any additives (somewhere read that they only harm). On 3 month weight "froze." I was already upset, but continued to drink MCH. And he moved again. Each time the weights approximately kg, something back, that's fine. The rest ate whatever they wanted. Only, I half absorbed me chocolate (and without him simply not to live) has replaced dried fruits. And it became much more fun! Now I do not even know what to do with the wardrobe...
So don't give up, patience is virtue and everything will be fine! I can't get enough of how great it is! Saw strictly once a week. Really wanted to quit when the weight got up but I endured.
Was 75 kg, now 65.

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