Minus 50 kg: the girl got rid of excess weight thanks to Instagram

We constantly scold social networks for taking up too much time and bringing almost no benefit. But after all they help someone to change the life cardinally.

With Instagram Morgan Bartley, a resident of southern California, was able to lose more than 50 kg of excess weight and become a fitness coach!

Weight loss Story

Morgan with childhood suffered from overweight, however, this was not a serious problem until adolescence. Later, because of the deterioration of health (the girl was diagnosed with ovarian twisting), she brought herself to an extreme degree of obesity.

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The Doctors told Morgan she had there will never be children. For a girl who wanted to be a mother, it was a real blow. These events led to an eating disorder. His bad mood girl began to "eat" a huge amount of food. In the end, to 17 years, her weight has reached 135 kg.

"I ate very often and very much. My usual meal consisted of 3-5 courses. And sometimes I parked the car on a deserted road and ate as long as I did not get sick," - says Morgan.

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One day the girl realized that she had no future if she did not change anything in her life. Then she decided to lose weight. To do this, Morgan decided to try something new and asked for help on Instagram. In support of subscribers, she found the necessary motivation.

"When everyone knows that I'm trying to lose weight, I feel responsible" - she wrote on her page in Instagram.

Morgan began to train 3 times a week for half an hour and stick to a high protein diet. In such a simple way she managed to lose enough weight to make the operation to reduce stomach's.

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"Yes, I resorted to surgery. But over time, I realized that much more my weight is more influenced by the habits that I form day after day," explains Morgan.

Its the small victories in losing weight Morgan regularly shared with subscribers in Instagram. She admits that she wanted to be a good example for each of them.

"it is important for Me to convey to people that need to fight overweight, first of all, for their own health, not beauty," Morgan said.

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Today the girl who dropped a total of more than 50 kg, works as a fitness instructor. But the main thing that her dream came true - she is expecting a child. At the same time Morgan continues to inspire people to fight overweight!

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