Minus 5 kg per week: three ways to lose weight models in the USSR

Soviet women remained women, despite the need for participation in the construction of socialism. They followed the fashion, adored romantic songs, watched melodramas and tried to keep the girl's form.

Today we will talk about three ways in which lost weight model of the USSR. Perhaps they will help you to achieve a slim figures! 

Diet from Orlova

Many Soviet women, including models, were on the diet of the famous actress Lyubov Orlova. A special awe of the inhabitants of the country caused her wasp waist. Rumor has it that her reach is only 42 cm! 

Lyubov Orlovaphoto Source: culture.ru

Option diet from Orlova was quite extreme. It was supposed two meals a day: for Breakfast - a piece of rye bread and two boiled eggs, and for lunch - vegetable soup and 150 grams of meat. The diet is so severely limited, so twice a week you need to arrange fasting days on the water. 

This diet could, and so in the 60-ies appeared more gentle option. It already had three meals a day, a more balanced menu, and without fasting days. 

Mono-diet on the parsley

Very popular among the models were mono-diet on the parsley. And it's not about the leaves, but about the grated root. It was supposed to eat it 3 times a day.

Diet on parsleyphoto Source: pixabay.com

Naturally, one root does not last long, so its use was combined with kefir, eggs and cottage cheese. Because of the very limited diet, this diet was suitable only for healthy people. However some models managed to sit on it for a month! 

Modern nutritionists advise to sit on a similar diet no more than 3 days a month.

The Table #8 on Pevsner

Soviet guru of dietetics Manuel Pevzner developed the famous "tables" - diet used for the treatment of various diseases. For example, table number 8 - for the treatment of obesity.

The Essence of this diet was to not intake more than 1800 calories a day. Products cooked or steamed, without adding salt, spices and sugar. Fatty meats, sweets and white bread were strictly prohibited.

Diet table №8photo Source: pixabay.com

This diet recommended five meals a day. The optimal scheme of food: Breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner.

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Now you know how Soviet women managed to stay slim. Perhaps one of the above techniques will help you! 

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