Mini roll portion

you can Cook from any meat you like or currently have at home.
So, take a meat tenderloin 1.5 cm thick and about the size of the palm (if it is not chicken or Turkey, the meat should be cut across the fibers). Carefully thump of hands. Salt and pepper. Add honey and mustard (two pieces of meat, one full teaspoon). Stir and leave for 1-1.5 to marinate.

After meat marinated, make it rolls. Spread the meat on the foil. From each piece - make a separate roll . Put it on a thin plastic tomato, a little coarsely chopped onions, a little cut strips of bell pepper, you can add garlic to taste.
Roll up the roll and wrap tightly in foil. Each roll is wrapped separately!

In the preheated oven put our spring rolls on 40-60min. (bird cooked faster than the meat ).
Then we get the rolls, drive away home (aroma mind-blowing), collect willpower in a fist and complete the cooking process. To do this, carefully unfold the foil bending the edges, make a mold. Top smear rolls with a mixture of ketchup with herbs,seasonings ( any, to your taste. I like Zira ). Send back to the oven for baking a beautiful crust.

15 Minutes and a very tasty dish is ready. Spread, decorate and serve on the holiday table. Bon appetit!

Author: Julia 44

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