Michel Montignac's method for weight loss

Michel's Method
Michel Montignac is one of the most controversial representatives of the diet of the twentieth century. The proposed method of weight loss has always caused mixed responses, but, nevertheless, the followers of this type of food very much.

The nutrition System of Montignac was developed by the author on his own experience. He suffered from childhood obesity and tried to lose weight with a variety of methods and nutrition systems. None of them not gave the desired result, worst of all, that kilograms not simply returned, but and increased.

A Series of failures led Montignac to the fact that he, analytically approaching the problem of excess weight, having reviewed the scientific achievements in the fields of biology and chemistry, find their solution – has created her own weight loss method.

The Essence of the system power supply for Montignac lies in the following:

  1. Should abandon fasting. Long-lived feeling hunger leads to depression, fatigue, negatively affects the work of internal organs and the General condition of the body. Therefore, to lose weight, you need to eat rationally.
  2. To determine what foods are healthy and what to eat to lose weight, Montignac divides popular foods into healthy and harmful.

By definition Montignac harmful products

These are the products, the use of which lead to an increase in blood sugar. Montignac. created a table where you specified the glycemic level of each product. The higher the value, the more harmful the product. The first lines of the list of harmful products are occupied by malt, glucose, fried potatoes, white bread, carrots and honey (oddly enough, the glycemic index of these products is higher than that of chocolate).

By definition Montignac useful products

These are products whose glycemic level is low. Good Montignac recognized soy, mushrooms, bitter chocolate.

It Turns out that we do not eat what helps to lose weight. According to Montignac, even buckwheat porridge is not the most useful dish, because its index is 40. Montignac also offers to rely entirely on its tables and use products with a minimum index.

The Montignac nutrition System is suitable not only for those who want to get rid of excess weight, but also for those who need to keep the achieved result.

The First stage of the power supply system according to the Montignac – it is actually weight loss. The stage involves feeding only those products whose index does not exceed the value of 50. At this stage, you need to eat fractional 5-6 times a day, do not eat after eight o'clock in the evening and do not rest after eating. Portions should be small. In addition, at this stage, which can last 1-3 months, the body is cleared of toxins, and gets used to a certain system of nutrition.

The Second stage is the stabilization weight – provides for the expansion of the menu. At this stage, it is allowed to include products with an index above 50 in the diet. Exception – sugar, white bread, honey, starchy foods. Harmful products Montignac recommends to combine with green salads and eat no more than 1-2 times week.

The Main advantage of the Montignac food system is the ability to choose products to your liking.

Reviews of people who have experienced such a system of nutrition, confirm that it really works. However, it should be remembered that the result will not be fast, you need to be patient.

To lose Weight on a diet Montignac nice, because it allows even the chocolate, which is strictly prohibited in many other diets. So we wish you success, lose weight easily!

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