Method of manual modeling of face and body

All people want to live forever, and therefore since ancient times looking for the mysterious elixir of youth that would prolong their lives.

The legends of Ancient India described a kind of tree, the juice of which prolongs life. However, the search for this tree did not lead to anything, since not a word was said about the location of this tree. A similar story was described in ancient Greek legend. The difference consisted only in the fact that extended life is not juice, and fruit. Search this tree didn't lead to anything either. In later times, during the great geographical discoveries, Christopher Columbus discovered a new island in the Atlantic ocean. People associated this discovery with the discovery of the elixir of youth. They were almost one hundred percent sure that there would be an elixir on this island. However, the only result was that America was discovered for the second time.

Soon people were convinced that the existence of the elixir of youth in an explicit form is not real. But this is not stopped. Started to create numerous recipes elixirs. I will give one of these recipes: "you Need to take a toad that has lived ten thousand years, and a bat that has lived a thousand years, dry them in the shade, grind them into powder and take." The main problem of this recipe: where to find such a toad and a bat?

Modern science is also concerned with the Creation of the elixir of youth. Scientists have proved that the human cell has a strict life span – 50-59 divisions. But this process is different for each person: someone has 60 years, someone has 100. Scientists have tried to find a way to increase the number of cell divisions, but they failed. Then they went the other way and found another way – rejuvenation cells. And on this way they achieve certain results, however, experiments are still carried out mainly on mice, for example, reducing the diet by a third lengthened the life of mice by half, and a special diet promotes rejuvenation. However, almost all people know that proper nutrition is helpful, but far not all adhere a diet.

Other scientists are trying to find a way to rejuvenate, turning to ancient technologies, including China.
In the centre rejuvenation Dr. Elkin adopted the method of manual modeling of the face and body. Specialists of the center, following the Chinese doctors, call "true rejuvenation" that, which simultaneously provides the effects of both rejuvenation and recovery, using the reserve forces of the human body.

The Essence of the method: through the impact on specific points on the human body, the effect is achieved on the internal organs, including those that produce hormones. For obtaining the maximum effect of patients engaged in modeling gymnastics.
As a result, the improvement of all organs and systems of the body leads to external rejuvenation (achieved effect skin rejuvenation).
Body modeling technique will help to bring the figure to the ideal, and face modeling – remove the second chin and wrinkles.

The Center for rejuvenation Dr. Elkin invites all those who want always remain young and healthy

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