Metabolic disorders – causes of poor metabolism, treatment of pathology and normalization of function

Metabolism or metabolism is the basis of life support of the body:

  • convert incoming products and substances into calories,
  • literate their consumption,
  • synthesis of essential enzymes and hormones,
  • elimination of decay products.

That is, the metabolic rate is global for the entire body the process that you want consider not only at the levels of systems and organs, but also at the cellular level. Alas, today's rhythm of life, way of nutrition, stress, poor environmental conditions have done their "black" thing" – many disturbed metabolism, which manifests itself in varying severity and severity of symptoms, including many ailments – both acute and chronic.

So, for example, in reliable signs of metabolic disorders in women can be recorded a high tendency to set excess weight. Familiar: like not eating enough, and still better, even literally get fat from vegetables? Or Vice versa – no matter how much you eat, but still excessive thinness does not go away.

Since the wrong metabolic processes inevitably affect the functions of the Central nervous system, it is not uncommon mental disorders: increased irritability, fatigue, distraction, loss of strength.

The Central nervous system, in turn, affects the coordinated work of all organs and systems, including the cardiovascular system (pressure surges, formation and deposition of "harmful" cholesterol, blockage of blood vessels, arrhythmia, anemia, etc.), as well as the endocrine system (incorrect metabolism can very often affect the hormonal background – menstrual cycle failures, increased skin salinity, increased sweating, hair loss).

The signs of metabolism also includes a constant lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, even with a balanced, it would seem, nutrition and taking preventive vitamin and mineral complexes. All this is reflected in the condition of the skin, hair, nails. Often deteriorating hearing, sight, appear, taste and smell perversion.

What do, if symptoms of metabolic disorders are detected?

Because metabolism – the most complex extensive and constant process of life support, its violations can be manifested in the form of various ailments or alarming signs. Often, many are trying to deal with the problem locally, but not "to ripen in a root", because of the effect, as a rule, no. In such cases, with a high degree of probability, you can say that you are with the wrong metabolism, the symptoms of which you are trying eliminate instead of the true cause.

Since the basis of metabolism is intake, transformation and excretion, and the basis of intake is nutrition, special attention should be paid to the revision of the principles of their diet and lifestyle in General.

Are You overweight? Sit on a diet that will pick up a dietitian. For example, the meaning of dieting the "Potasovki" is a natural cleansing of the body, activating the inherent nature of metabolic processes. Many manifestations metabolic disorders (symptoms, consequences) completely go away.

If same violation of metabolism has signs of genetic pathology, then needs additional supportive or replacement therapy procedures and drugs. Sometimes, to eliminate the aggravating factor, surgical intervention is required, for example, resection of the damaged organ, which can not perform its function and disrupts the work of others. That is why a visit to the doctor you can't delay. Procrastination only takes away the chances of successful fast, inexpensive and painless treatment.

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