Metabolic diet

Studies have shown that most people cannot lose weight due to metabolic syndrome. It is also called the "yo-yo effect". The fact is that conventional diets introduce the body into a stressful state, and it begins to work in the energy saving mode. As a result, the process of weight loss slows down, and even stops. At the slightest disruption, the body transforms the first carbohydrates into fat.

Diana cress found out of this vicious circle. She has developed a metabolic diet that is able to optimize metabolism, relieve cravings for sweets and lose weight forever.

Diet stages

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Stage #1

This step involves reducing carbohydrates to a minimum – 25 g per day. It lasts 8 weeks and helps to restore pancreatic function and normal body reaction to carbohydrates. In addition, you will notice that the craving for sweet decreases, and fat gradually begin "melt."

Note! At first, you may experience side effects such as drowsiness, fatigue, and apathy. However, just a week later the body adapts.

Stage #2

This stage lasts until you lose the desired amount of pounds. It takes about 2 weeks on average. The second stage involves increasing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet to 60 g per day. And it is better to include carbohydrates in each meal about 20 g

Stage 3

This phase should last constantly. It involves an adequate amount of carbohydrate food, but foods such as packaged juices, white bread, lemonades, potatoes, beets and sugar completely exclude. It is allowed to eat rye bread, desserts without sucrose, low-carb crackers.

Note! Among the protein products it is better to choose lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese, poultry without skin, tofu, eggs, soy milk without sweeteners.  


Sports training

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Diana Kress argues that any proper weight loss system should include sports training. Start classes after 7-10 days after the start of the diet, when the state of health is normalized and the decline in strength caused by the restriction of carbohydrates will be behind.

Your weekly minimum is 3 hours of sports training. Diane advises him to practice 5 times a week for 40 minutes, and two days leave on vacation. It is better to focus on cardio (running, swimming, jumping rope, volleyball, etc.), as they actively reduce the fat layer.

In General this weight loss system reminds Atkins diet and Dukan diet . However, it allows the use of vegetables even at the first stage, in contrast to the same diet Dukan. In addition, you are able to afford desserts. For example, jelly from yogurt and fruit with the addition of sweetener.

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