Menu cheating: what is cheating. What products are allowed to use during the reading

What is reading? Reading or "the deceiver's Diet" was developed by the American nutritionist Paul Rivas and quickly gained popularity in many countries of the world. The prerequisite for the invention of the "deceiver's Diet" was the eternal confrontation between desires and willpower. Not everyone is capable a long time to sit on a certain diet without breaking down. Reading was invented precisely for such slimming.
But in fact, the main task of reading it is not to give a slimming person the opportunity to pamper themselves with Goodies. Paul Rivas very well thought out the mechanism of this diet. And it aims to give the body a short break and stimulate more intense fat burning. For reading to work properly, you must strictly adhere to the menu for reading.

Menu for reading. All about competent conducting "boot days"

Diet Reading: how does it work?

When a person for a long time adheres to a low-calorie diet, in his body there are serious changes. First of all, it slows down metabolism. Secondly, due to the slowdown in metabolism sooner or later comes the effect plateau: the weight just stops, the body no longer loses weight.
Reading also helps to eliminate these problems:

Menu for reading. All about competent conducting "boot days"
  1. He gives the body a break. Well-spent "boot day" it helps the body to replenish the necessary supply of nutrients without damage to the figure.
  2. Reading creates body shake, stimulates metabolism. The weight does not stand still, the plateau effect is neutralized.
  3. the Menu for reading is made up of the most delicious and healthy products. Reading will please those who are hungry for delicious and favorite food.

Menu for reading. Basic rules

Menu for reading. All about competent conducting "boot days"

The American nutritionist recommends reading on weekends, as it is easier to stick to the usual diet on weekdays. Menu for reading should be healthy. Per day cheating can have almost any of the products. The main criterion in their choice is only their usefulness. The more useful the product – the better. Therefore, even in the boot day losing weight should not eat everything you want. Under the ban are still fatty foods, fried dough in oil, French fries, soda and other most harmful Goodies. But a plate of mashed potatoes with a large piece of lean beef is quite possible to afford.

Another reading rule: do not overeat. Those who overeated while reading, confirm that this is fraught with not only deterioration of health and heaviness in the abdomen, but also affects the weight. If you overeat on reading, the return of at least one kilogram is provided to you.
The menu for reading consists of:

  • Vegetables (amount – ½ of daily diet),
  • Protein – meat, fish, eggs, seafood (1/4 diet),
  • Carbohydrates – cereals, bread, potatoes, legumes (1/4 of the diet).

Menu for reading. All about competent conducting "boot days"

It is Worth noting that even on the reading should give preference to slow, "correct" carbohydrates – whole grain cereals and bread with bran, beans, asparagus, pasta from coarse flour.

Of Course, cheating is allowed to treat yourself to biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, allowed to drink a little dry wine. In short, to please yourself with all that is prohibited on weekdays. However, Paul Rivas encourages fans of his diet to be guided by common sense and use everything in reasonable quantities.

When properly conducted the cheating the next day you find the strength to go back to the diet. But the weight gain will not happen.

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