Mediterranean rice

Mediterranean riceEvery time thinking about the new Year's menu, it was the most difficult for me to decide what to cook as a main dish. If salads and appetizers are not so difficult to decide, the benefit of the Internet is always at hand, then here as a main dish, for some reason everyone wants to see only potatoes and nothing else, traditions, what can you do.

And since me and my girl are trying to monitor their weight, not the potatoes what I would like to see on the festive table. In this regard, I wanted to experiment, to do something original and, at the same time, nourishing and tasty. Therefore, on the eve of the holidays, I decided to try to cook rice in the style of Mediterranean cuisine.

So, for preparations this it we will need:

– Rice – 300 grams – I bought these a special variety "Basmati", but can be indispensable and ordinary "long one."
– Seafood – 0.5 kg – you can take immediately "Sea cocktail" or separately buy frozen mussels, octopus-baby, shrimp and squid
– Tomato paste – 100 grams
– A small onion and half a carrot
– Quarter lemon
– Can of canned peas
– Salt, turmeric

Immediately it should be noted that the basis of this recipe is traditional Spanish paella, however, there is a rather fried rice, we let it simmer as in the case of pilaf. So, first of all, an hour before start cooking, pour the rice with water and set out to thaw seafood. Then, when we start, directly to cooking, immediately boil water in a kettle, pour half a teaspoon of turmeric into a glass and pour boiling water so that it is well infused.

Mediterranean rice

Now you can finally start cooking. First of all, pour olive oil into a thick-walled deep frying pan and heat it up. Then literally for a couple of minutes on high heat fry seafood in this oil (do not overdo it, otherwise they will become rubber), pull and put in a separate bowl (leave the oil in the pan). If the oil is not enough, add a little more, and while it is heated – finely cut the onions and three carrots, and then send them to the pan. Make sure that the bow has acquired transparency, but did not become Golden, as soon as it happened, pour in the same rice. All thoroughly mix and fry for a few minutes, so that the rice is soaked with oil and seafood juice.

In the next step, add water with dissolved turmeric and boiling water to the rice so that the rice is completely covered with about a centimeter layer of liquid. Reduce the gas to moderate and cover with a lid. Now you can take a break – stew rice need 20 minutes. If the water you have boiled before, do not worry, just pour a little more boiling water.

Go to the last stage – add tomato paste to rice, mix thoroughly and wait until there is no water in the pan. As soon as it happened, turn off the gas, add seafood and green peas, then mix well, and then spread on top slices of lemon (this will give the rice a nice citrus flavor) cover with a lid and wait another ten minutes to our dish a little infused. That's all there is to it.

Mediterranean rice

The Recipe turned out quite long, but, in fact, the whole cooking process takes about an hour. Personally, I love this dish for the fact that it turns out quite a lot, enough to eat even a large company, while it is not harmful and is prepared relatively quickly and cheap. Well, my friends and family like it for its excellent taste. I wish you Bon appetit and happy holidays.

Author: Slava

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