Mediterranean diet will help reduce the risk of obesity in children

Mediterranean diet will help reduce the risk of obesity in childrenRecently Swedish scientists have found that diet The Mediterranean, which includes healthy foods, is well suited for children who are obese. If you follow a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet, the risk of obesity in children will decrease by about 15 percent. Swedish experts conducted a number of experiments and observations in eight European countries and on the basis of the results of this work made the appropriate conclusion about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for children.

Parents of several children European countries were offered special tests that identified various problems of nutrition and healthy lifestyles among children and adolescents. Surprisingly, according to the results of a large-scale study of Swedish scientists, the "Mediterranean" country was not Italy, which participated in the experiment, but Sweden. The researchers explain this by the fact that perhaps the Swedes often travel around the world and already have a sufficient understanding of healthy eating in the countries Mediterranean sea.
The Mediterranean diet includes fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as berries and cereals.

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