Meditation for weight loss: mantras, reviews, download video, audio

Meditation for weight loss: perfection of body and soulthe Technique of relaxation can be mastered by everyone. It will help you not only to reduce weight, but also to get rid of physical and emotional stress. There is an important deep-rooted belief in the materiality of thought, which will help to cope with any problems, including overweight. Today we offer you to saddle meditation one of the means in the struggle for the perfect figure.

Preparation for relaxation and self-immersion plays an important role. Do some exercise, you can dance. After that, take a shower and put on the clothes in which you are most comfortable. The surrounding atmosphere must be calm and peaceful way to set up. Light candles or incense. Different schools recommend different times of day for meditation. In principle, it is not so important. The main thing is to do it at the same time and in the same place to get used to the body. There is another interesting theory: you need to know the time when you were born. According to this theory your body remembers the stress associated with birth. Therefore, you need to do meditation for weight loss for a few hours before or after that hour.

Meditation for weight loss: perfection of body and soul

The Best posture for meditation is the Lotus position (both feet looking up), but it is not suitable, especially for beginners. Try just crossing your legs or sitting down in Turkish. The back should be straight, the body relaxed. When sitting still, blood circulation slows down, so you can get cold. Put your hands palms up and proceed directly to the contemplation of his inner world.

Breathing meditation for weight loss

Breathing meditation for weight loss

Feedback on this technique is very positive. It is suitable for those who are used to overeat or relieve stress with food. It is necessary to practice every evening for 20 minutes. Technique: sit on Paul, straighten your back and relax your body. People with spinal problems or very heavy weight should lie on their backs. We begin to inhale and exhale deeply, while inflating the stomach and try to exhale as much air as possible. Imagine that it out of your body leaving all unnecessary. Concentrate on your breathing: be distracted from all thoughts and what is happening. To achieve such a state is very difficult, but in time you will learn. This technique helps to control hunger and gives charge of energy.

Faleev's Technique

Sessions are arranged during physical education. They help to fight against hostility to physical activities. Start to imagine that the fat deposits on your body are filled with bright light, gradually heated and then burned. Imagine melting fat and focus only on this picture. Then you will forget about muscle pain and how hard it is for you.

Meditation on system "Airoshape"

This technique was developed by the instructor in aerobics. The meaning of it is to relax the body after exercise. To do this, lie down on the yoga Mat facing East and relax completely. Consistently strain each muscle group and watch as a pleasant warmth spreads through the body. Imagine all your fears, experiences in the form of stones. They are in a backpack behind you and very much disturb you. Visualize each problem, project its on a rock and start throwing them out of your backpack. Feel the lightness behind your shoulders and slowly return to the feeling of your body.

Mantra for slimming

Mantra for weight lossMantras are sound vibrations that pass through the whole body. It is proved that they are able to affect the cells of the body and change them. Pronounce them in Sanskrit, over the water, which are going to drink. "To speak" water is necessary two times: in the morning and in the evening. Read or listen to the mantra in meditation for weight loss it will set the right mood and speed up the metabolism.

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