Meditation: basic rules for beginners

More and more people are trying to learn the basics of meditation To relax, calm down and deep sleep. After all, it has long been known that this system allows you to get rid of not only depression, bad mood, irritability and stress.

Some types of meditation help to lose weight. Of course, the benefit of practice for the human body and brain is huge. But not everyone understands where it is best to start if you decide to do at home. There are simple rules that will help beginners!

Key meditation rules for beginners

If you have realized what meditation is and what it gives, then you know exactly why it is useful to relax and be able to concentrate. For beginners, it is best to choose an extremely simple way. What is needed? At home you do not need any auxiliary tools. You need to sit down and close your eyes. Take a comfortable position. The back to straighten. All attention should be directed to personal feelings at the moment. That nothing distracted, it is necessary to observe silence. Here privacy will help. The TV and phone should be turned off so that nothing distracts from its internal state.

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Needs withstand several minutes and sit quietly. No need to jump in the subconscious from one object to another. You should focus on:

  • his emotional experience;
  • his awareness;
  • a series of internal sensations and feelings.

They should Not be evaluated. It is not necessary to analyze, reason, try to remember feelings or somehow fix them.

If during meditation you experience negative emotions, you only have to follow them. Suppress or chase them not needs.

The Basics of meditation is observation. But not for the outside world, and their domestic condition. It's like looking at the clouds passing by without trying to chase or hold them.

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Despite the extreme simplicity, it can be quite difficult to meditate, because we are not used to sitting just like that. The first time may experience nervousness and anxiety. Wants check the mail, run the Laundry or wipe the dust. This is a normal condition. The main thing is not to retreat and methodically return your attention to internal resources.

Optimal posture

Another important point, without which the evening and morning meditation it's impossible to pose. It needs to be taken correctly to classes were successful. When choosing a position you need to remember: immobility, during which the body and brain are connected, is the key to success. Only with a straightened back can you achieve the desired state.

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At home, for meditation, both men and women is perfect ordinary chair with a hard seat. To sit on it right and exactly. Do not lean on the back. To meditate easier, it is recommended just above the knees to keep the pelvis. On the seat you can put a hard pillow or folded blanket. Hands (palms up) should be put on the hips.

You can Also practice on your knees. It is called the diamond pose (Vajrasana) in yoga. To practice relaxation at night this situation is very useful. But at first it will be difficult. To train is worth gradually. A few per day will suffice minutes, gradually increasing the duration of stay in the diamond position. To simplify your task, you should not sit on the bare floor. You can use a pillow or soft bedding.

The Most popular posture in meditation is the Lotus position in which the flexible joints can be long enough.

Place Selection

To learn how to meditate properly at home, you should choose a good place to practice. It should be permanent. It is best to allocate a special area for relaxation in the apartment and specially to designate it. It is not recommended to choose:

  • own bed or sleeping place (otherwise in the course occupational will tempted to fall asleep);
  • next to the bed;
  • near the workplace.
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Also not worth choose for practice room with strong darkened or, on the contrary, too brightly lit. Ideal for meditation place in a well-ventilated area, where there is a large crowd of people.

Perfect timing

Another important question concerns the optimal time for practice. When is it better to meditate? Before bed or in the morning? To start your day cheerfully, it is recommended to practice at dawn. But also at sunset - a good time. Work on your consciousness during this period is useful for the nervous system. But to do exercises for concentration of attention is better when all Affairs are executed. By the way, lying is not engaged. Otherwise, the risk of falling asleep is high.

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KAK to meditate properly at home for beginners: video

However, to say that to meditate in the morning better than the evening, it is impossible. What's the meaning of that? Everyone should choose the perfect option for yourself! For beginners to understand the essence of meditation, to understand why it is necessary, whether it is worth doing, and where to start, the video will help:

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