Medicinal properties of spices

That spices and various seasonings give refinement of taste to a dish is known to everyone, but not everyone knows that almost each of them possess curative properties and are capable to raise a level of health of the person.

Bay leafVarious spices and spices in antiquity was known as an excellent preventive and curative remedy for many ailments and is often used for cooking a variety of dishes and create recipes. And today, cooking is not complete without the use of hot spices, aromatic spices and delicate seasonings that give the food appetite, aroma and amazing taste. But we rarely think about how useful those seemingly little things culinary. Many experts agree that seasonings and spices really have healing properties and have a beneficial effect on the human body, so knowing the properties of certain spices, You can protect your health from many ailments and help the body cope with diseases. Consider the useful qualities of the most popular spices like black pepper, red pepper and Bay leaf (which you can buy in the company "Rosplast").

Black pepper peas

Black pepper peas is one of the most popular in modern cooking of most cuisines of the world. And these spices not only give the dishes excellent taste and amazing aroma, but also can be used as an independent preventive and medicinal product against a number of diseases. This spice is effective in improving digestion and the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract, and black pepper peas are used as an aid in treatment of neurasthenia, anemia and exhaustion, as well as in cases where it is required to increase the secretion of the stomach and glands of the intestinal tract. However, as any medicine to use black pepper should be in optimal quantities, not exceeding the dosage of 6 grains per day. Otherwise, even such a useful component of food can harm health, causing stomach problems.

Red pepper ground

The Healing properties of red pepper are known in both folk and traditional medicine, red pepper powder helps in the treatment of various diseases, and is also used as a preventive agent. The burning properties of red pepper will be useful in the treatment of colds – it has an excellent antipyretic effect and warms. Also, this spice is often used to prevent vascular diseases, strengthening them and cleaning. In medicine, the property of red pepper is widely in demand to stimulate the appetite, which is important for improving the digestive system. However, it is worth remembering that, like black pepper and any other spicy seasonings, use ground red pepper with already developed diseases of the stomach, such as gastritis or ulcer, is strictly contraindicated.

Laurel leaf

Dried Bay leaf contains various trace elements, tannins and phytoncides, due to this it is a useful spice. First, the decoction of Bay leaf helps to strengthen the immune system as a whole, and also is an effective means of combating tuberculosis. Bay leaf, prepared in a special way, is able to provide significant assistance in diabetes, allergies and joint diseases, help in the treatment of sinusitis and rid the body from the accumulated slag.

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