MCC for weight loss: results and reviews, opinions of doctors

MCC for weight loss is a completely non-toxic and harmless drug, usually obtained by cleaning cotton pulp and its subsequent grinding. Immediately it is worth noting the price of supplements – it is more than acceptable, and this suggests that anyone who wants to lose weight, has the ability to reduce excess weight with this substance. A reviews successfully lost weight people, listed below in the article, will help you take the right solution!


Basic operating principle drug
Opinion specialists
Reviews and results slimming

The Basic principle of the drug

Reduction of excess weight is due to the following properties of MCC (microcrystalline cellulose):

  • Sorption effect. As soon as the cellulose is retained in the intestine, it cleanses the mucosa from all kinds of toxins, toxins, some salts and other harmful substances. That is why some people recommend MCC as an alternative to activated carbon.
  • Mechanical effect. The substance enters the stomach and begins to swell in it, which causes a feeling of saturation. The fibers are not absorbed, but "go" further – to the intestine (see the previous paragraph).
MCC slimming reviews, results, doctorsMCC for weight loss: reviews like accept


  • Anorexia
  • Adolescence
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Acute gastrointestinal diseases

Opinion specialists

MCC slimming reviews, results, doctorsICC Ankir-B: reviews slimming

When choosing a product for weight loss should always listen to the advice of doctors. Below are the main recommendations of medical experts regarding the correct use of MCC:

  • If you suffer from constipation, then you need to take microcrystalline cellulose very carefully. In this case, the amount of consumed of fluid a day must not exceed 2 liters.
  • The drug should be discarded if you have recently undergone antibiotic therapy, because the intestinal microflora is likely not yet restored.
  • Try more exercise in order to increase weight loss, combining with the reception of this Bud.MCC slimming reviews, results, doctors
  • in No case do not take the MCC in large quantities! This will only lead to digestive problems system.
  • Especially, do not reduce food intake for the sake of increasing the amount of supplements. The diet in any case should be full and balanced.
  • Take a break after a three-to four-week course.

Read More about what MCC is and how to take the Supplement correctly in this article:

MCC slimming reviews, results, doctorsMicrocrystalline cellulose for weight loss: reviews

Reviews and results slimming

Alina, 38 years old. I took one time microcrystalline cellulose Ankir B from Evalar company. The action is very simple: cellulose swells in the stomach and do not want to eat. MCC helped me a lot in combination with diet! It was very easy to carry. As a result, for a couple of weeks I got rid of 8 pounds. However, in addition to drug and diet I aerobics. But what is the effect of the drug – that's for sure!

Natalia, 33 year. Finished the course, "Cortez". I feel that I am relieved. The tummy is noticeably reduced, and I want to have not as much as before. But Oh how I love to eat! Just will not tell, how exactly lost weight – not weighed, but very I am pleased with my current state.

Hope, 29 years. MKC Drink with a funny name "the Janitor" for the third week and got rid of about 4 kg! But you have to drink a lot of water, and sometimes you do not want to do it. I think to take a little break, Yes again, to start a course.

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