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Not without Reason cleansing the body by Marva Ohanyan it became widespread. Even in the late 80-ies there were rumors about the appearance of folk healer, able to completely cure any disease in just a month. Of course, this statement is not quite true, because the healing of all diseases under the power of only the higher forces. Indeed, Marva Ohanyan could put a man on his feet in just 3 weeks, but she did not do any magic. By education, the woman was a physician and biochemist, so miracles did not work, and all the results that it has been able to achieve are understandable from a scientific point of view.

Who is Marva Ohanyan

Today, Marva Ohanyan continues to receive people in Krasnodar and assist them in the treatment and purification of the body. She is engaged in such activities for many years, and now her name is known not only in Russia but also abroad. Marva Ohanyan's method of cleansing the body helps to cure diseases without medication.

Marv Wharekawa Ohanyan – a woman who practices the way of herbal treatments and encourages a healthy lifestyle to get rid of many diseases. She developed her own method of cleansing the body of harmful substances, which based on fasting and the use of herbs with a therapeutic effect.

According to the woman, causes pollution of the body by several factors. First of all, it is poor nutrition, prolonged depression and stress, poor environment. The impact of negative factors leads to the accumulation of toxins that poison the body from the inside. As a result, internal organs suffer, and all functions of the body are violated.

Anyway, the cleansing of the body according to the method Ohanyan Marwa has advantages. In addition to high efficiency, it is worth noting the absence of age restrictions. That is, in the absence of contraindications to use this technique can even children and the elderly.

Note! According to experts in the field of medicine, most of the time the body spends on splitting food and assimilation of the components contained in it. That is why fasting and fasting are so important. They allow the body to rest and restore the vital organs functions.

Indications for the procedure

Marva Ohanyan's body cleansing Technique helps to improve the quality of life and eliminate various diseases. Indications for the use of fasting are the following diseases:

  • type 2 diabetes;
  • flu;
  • infertility (both male and female) female);
  • sinusitis;
  • hepatitis;
  • Allergy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • psoriasis;
  • epilepsy;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • arthritis;
  • Alzheimer's disease and others.

Also this technique is recommended for the removal of toxins from the body in case of poisoning alcohol.

Important! Before you start fasting, herbal treatment or any other treatment, be sure to consult your doctor!

Detailed methods of the Marva Oganyan for cleaning the body

To quickly get rid of toxins, a person must adhere to certain rules. The essence of the technique is to use herbal medicine in combination with fasting. In addition to medicinal herbs, for the purification of used vegetable and fruit infusions.

Note! According to Marva Ohanyan, qualitative cleansing of the body is possible only with the use of natural ingredients. Any harmful food can disrupt the whole scheme.

The Basic principles of cleansing the body according to Marva Ohanyan's method are as follows:

  • complete rejection of solid food (a couple of weeks before the course should be excluded from the diet of meat dishes and flour products);
  • daily use of herbal infusions;
  • adherence to sleep (go to sleep not later than 21.00 and get up to 7.00).

According to the reviews, Marva Ohanyan's method is quite effective and helps to clean the body from harmful substances quickly and safely. Vitamins contained in infusions of fruits and vegetables, support the body and help it to move more easily hunger.

Scheme of purification of an organism according to the methods of the Marva Oganyan consists of three main steps:

  1. Preparatory phase (configuring organism for a safe fasting).
  2. Fasting and use of medicinal plants.
  3. Getting out of starvation.

To obtain the desired result, all assignments must be followed exactly at each stage. Below are the detailed method of purification of human the body submitted by Marv Ohanian.

Preparation for fasting

Since the liver takes on the main load when using substandard products, accumulating harmful substances, it is necessary, first of all, to clean it. This will help to quickly restore the body.

Magnesium sulfate is required To perform the body cleansing procedure. In another way, this substance is called English salt. For the preparation of medicinal the solution should be diluted 50 g of magnesium sulfate in 50 g of warm water. Stir and drink. Next, you need to prepare an infusion of hay grass, adding a little honey and lemon juice.

To speed up the excretion of bile, after the use of hay infusion, you should lie down and apply a warm warmer to the right hypochondrium for 2 hours. During this period of time will have to drink 2 liters of healing infusion.

Since after this procedure it is recommended to go to bed, it is recommended to spend it in the evening, adjusting to your daily routine. In the morning you need to Wake up early, at about 5 o'clock. To do an enema with a solution of baking soda and salt (for 10 liters of fluid to use 10 g of salt and 5 grams of soda). This procedure is carried out within two hours. The introduction of the solution into the large intestine is carried out in several stages. After that, a person should not eat food foods.

Note! This method of cleaning the liver is undesirable for gastritis and gastric ulcer.

The Rest of the day you need to drink herbal infusions. They can add honey, currant juice, lemon, pomegranate and viburnum. Cleaning the liver enema is carried out throughout the course. Its duration is 7-10 days.

Fasting and use of herbal infusions

Basic course of purification of an organism by the method known therapist and biochemist Marwa Ohanyan herbal infusions. Thanks to the right combination of medicinal herbs can achieve a therapeutic effect. The duration of medical fasting is from 7 to 42 days, which depends on the health of the person.

Infusions are prepared from the following herbs:

  • Melissa;
  • Valerian;
  • mint;
  • calendula;
  • sage;
  • mother-and-stepmother;
  • yarrow;
  • nettle;
  • oregano;
  • Linden;
  • motherwort;
  • field horsetail;
  • a Daisy.

Each of the above herbs has a certain therapeutic effect. Data mix the components in the same proportions. To prepare a healing potion to every morning and drink it throughout the day: pour 2 tbsp of the herbal tea 2,5 l of boiling water and infuse under a lid for about 30 minutes. Strain the infusion and drink hot, taking 1 Cup at regular intervals. It is allowed to add lemon juice and honey to improve the taste.

Note! At first, in the use of infusions of herbs a person can feel sick. However, this is a normal state with this method of fasting, there is a cleaning of the body from harmful substances. Often patients are accompanied by symptoms in the form of cough with the discharge of mucous sputum, urge to vomit, purulent discharge from the nose.

In Addition to herbal infusions, juices from vegetables and fruits (not more than 600 ml) are allowed. It is desirable to use them starting from the 4th day of fasting. Any other food is completely excluded from diet's.

The following types of vegetables, berries and fruits are used To make juices:

  • Apple;
  • orange;
  • grapefruit;
  • pumpkin;
  • beet;
  • currant;
  • dogwood;
  • grenades;
  • carrot;
  • Kalina.

If 21 days of medical fasting according to Marva Ohanyan method to cleanse the body will be not enough, the course is recommended to extend up to 42 days. But at this stage it is recommended to increase the daily volume of juices to 1 liter. As for cleaning enemas, first they should be done daily, and after 21 days of the course – every other day.

Exit from starvation

At the end of the course, bowel washing procedures are stopped. To return to the previous diet, you will need to gradually get out of medical fasting. Because the stomach has decreased in size and unaccustomed to the digestion of solid food, a sharp transition to the usual diet is fraught with negative consequences.

In the first days of fasting, peeled fruits are added to the menu, then vegetables are gradually added. Cook them need to be steamed or boiled. It is desirable to grind in mashed potatoes, so that the body gradually got used to the different consistency of the products.

After a week of this diet, you can enter dairy products, but in limited amount. As for meat products, soups and cereals, they can be consumed only a month after fasting.

Note! The result after cleansing the body will last longer if you exclude from the diet fried and fatty foods.

If necessary, the course of cleaning the body by the method of Marva Ohanyan can be repeated after 2 months. In just a year, you can get rid of harmful substances in this way no more than 3 times. The greatest efficiency has cleaning in summer and autumn.

Note! Since the cleaning of the body by the method of Marva Ohanyan allows you to get rid of toxins, this procedure can be used for weight loss.

Cleaning of the child

In the absence of contraindications to use the methods of Marva Oganyan razreshaetsya and to keep your child's body.

Very important! If someone method Marwa Oganyan suitable, it is not be sure to fit your child. Therefore, be sure to consult your doctor before you arrange a child starvation!!!

But it is important to adhere to the following principles:

  • the duration of the course consists of the number of days corresponding to the age of the child (for children 12 years of therapeutic fasting should last 12 days);
  • every day it is required to be outdoors for at least 4 hours;
  • when cleaning the liver should give the child 20 ml of castor oil at 18.00, then for two hours to drink herbal infusions with honey and lemon juice (from 1 liter of liquid), and then put to sleep with a warm warmer on the right side;
  • on the next morning do enema the solution on the basis of of salt and soda, diluted in equal ratio in 500 ml warm water;
  • enter in the diet of juices of citrus fruits;
  • after fasting you need to slowly introduce in diet vegetables;
  • every day to clear the nasal passages of the cold beet squeeze.

For the child's body cleaning this way is also effective. However, not every child will be able to cope with the hunger that accompanies the course. Since it is difficult to sustain fasting treatment for children, it is recommended to use this method only in extreme cases and after consultation with doctor.


The Main contraindication of cleaning the body by the method of Marva Ohanyan is sensitivity to certain herbs used for the preparation of infusion. In this case, allergic reactions in the form of rashes, redness on the skin and other symptoms are possible.

Forbidden to clean the body by this method under the following conditions:

  • kidney stones (the prohibition is on the field horsetail);
  • inflammatory processes occurring in the kidneys or bladder (harm causes sage and Valerian);
  • problems with the liver (ban on the use of mother-and-stepmother);
  • varicose veins, hypertension (not recommended for yarrow, Melissa, mint and nettle);
  • pathologies of the stomach and intestines (ban on Valerian);
  • thrombosis (yarrow breaks coagulability bloods.)

It is Forbidden to clean the body by fasting during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition to the fact that mother-and-stepmother and bearberry are contraindicated in this period, a woman needs a full meal. Otherwise, the child will not receive all the necessary components.

In General, the method of cleansing the body of Marva Ohanyan is highly effective, so it is popular. However in order to avoid negative consequences before using it, it is advisable to consult a doctor. If during the course for cleansing the body there are abdominal pain or other symptoms that are not normal, fasting should be stopped.

Video: the cleansing of the body according to the method of Marva Oganyan

To better understand the principles of cleansing the body, you should watch the video, where Marva Ohanyan herself talks about her method.

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