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Martial arts schools in RussiaTraditional Eastern martial arts have become popular in Russia since the 70s of the last century. Their takeoff, they are required numerous films with the participation of Jackie Chan. And today, fans of martial arts watch with great interest a video with him, perhaps even studying previously unknown techniques. the Number of fans of martial arts has grown avalanche and now in Russia their various types of engaged in more than one million man.

Types of martial arts

It is Possible to divide sports single combats which teach today in Russia, into three groups:

  • Chinese martial arts and other Oriental martial schools (for example, "Wushu", "karate");
  • martial arts of other countries, for example, "capoeira" – wrestling-dance of South American Indians;
  • a traditional Russian martial art (for example, the "Saved" or "Sambo" – the Russian system, created on the basis of Chinese traditions).

The List of martial arts is not limited to the named schools. Each East school of wrestling has a number of branches. We can not say that some martial art is the best. Someone feels confident on the tatami, doing judo, someone prefers classic Sambo or Cossack "Spas", and someone has surpassed the martial arts of Shaolin. By the way, we must understand that the direct line of succession of teachers between Shaolin and modern no schools. Almost all types of "Wushu" (a common name for Chinese martial arts), which are taught today in Russia, were re-created as a system of teaching in the early twentieth century, several great Taiwanese and Japanese teachers.

So the Japanese martial art of judo was created by the great teacher Kano Jigoro. The master of martial art created not a struggle, but rather a whole philosophy of life. By the way, in Moscow at the OCE there is an official representation of Shaolin in Russia, where there is training in some types of combat. In China, Wushu is currently studied by more than 350 million people. In Russia, to some extent, 850 thousand people are involved in their study. And this statistics is conducted only on specialized schools and sections, which includes it martial arts.

Where in Russia today to study martial arts?

For those who have chosen the path of improvement in martial arts, there are many schools where you can learn certain schools in full. Training is going on there from the earliest years, and successful students are assigned to the appropriate title (candidate masters, masters of sports) and traditional martial arts "this". Teach in such sections and Russian coaches, and invited Chinese specialists. Russian athletes are among the best in the world, perhaps also because some types of "Wushu" were developed using elements of Russian classical ballet.

But if there is no will have to get a colored belt or to participate in competitions of the international class, to be engaged in different types of control can be almost any sports club. A few hours of classes a week you can not become a master, but to get good self-defense skills, including for girls, it is possible. If you divide martial arts into components, we can identify directly the struggle, healing and philosophy. Philosophy in a sports club is unlikely to be comprehended, but to improve health, figure and posture, to get a great shape is quite easy. Girls should choose not "tai Chi" or "Wushu", and "capoeira", as it is better from a sporting point of view and does not require deep densities.

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