Maria Kohno: anorexia, photos before and after

Fans of the TV show "Dom-2" probably remember what a famous person was the ex-participant Maria Kohno, but anorexia almost ruined the young girl, but she got in and now shares her memories. Many remember Mary as the lady of appetizing forms, and zavistnitsy even called me fatty. No one would have thought that this bursting with health girl suffered from severe exhaustion, and her appearance caused only compassion.

About than says itself Maria Kohno?

Masha Kohno does not stop giving advice to young girls who dream of model appearance and sit on rigid diets. Behind her shoulders huge experience. According to the former participant of "House-2", it long couldn't eat normally. The disease completely changed eating habits, exerted psychological pressure. And the fact that she managed to cope with the insidious disease, Maria calls not otherwise, as a miracle. Kohno admits she still has a fear of food.

Note! After one of the issues of the program "Let them talk" Maria Kohno became interested in the heroine Christina Koryagina, who also suffers anorexia. She tries to support the girl in every possible way and gives useful recommendations that will help to cope with the problem.

The Development of anorexia Mary Kohno

To participate in the famous TV show Maria Kohno went through a divorce with her husband that left an imprint on the emotional and mental state of the girl. She got sick. He began to lose weight rapidly, and when the weight reached 34 kilograms, doctors reported that with the further development of the disease Mary is waiting imminent death.

A trip to India organized by her parents helped Maria kokhno to Look at her life in a new way. She realized that in addition to the wife of the traitor in the world there are other people who are interested in her fate. And she should live for them.

After this realization the weight Mary has begun to increase. She learned to eat again, tried new dishes, and enjoyed the little things.

Maria Kohno: photo before and after anorexia

The transformation of Maria kokhno's body can be seen in the photo before and after anorexia.

According to the girl, in a period of illness she was so hard that she did not wish to experience that even the most fierce enemy. She managed to cope with psychological problems. Maria admits that the body is now rapidly postponing fat "for a rainy day."

But now Kohno don't care. She realized from her own experience that no life troubles and excess weight is not worth the health problems.

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