Magnesium donate (mineral water): instructions for use

Due To the unique composition of the mineral water called magnesium Donat has medicinal properties, and to use them for their own good, you need to study the instructions for use. This water is recommended for children and adults, women during childbearing, elderly people, athletes. It is mined in Slovenia. Donat mg mineral water is available in three variations: plastic containers (0.5 l and 1 l) and glass bottles (0.75 l.)

Note! Its popularity healing water Donat Magnesium has received for a long time. And since its effectiveness has been proven by more than one generation, it has remained relevant to this day. Therapeutic water saturates the human body with valuable minerals, among which sodium and magnesium are the leaders. It can be used as an additional tool for the treatment of many diseases, as well as for their use preventions.

the composition of the water Donat Magnesium: table

Magnesium Donat Mineral water has a unique chemical composition. It is full of useful components, so it is used to treat various diseases.

Physico-chemical composition of therapeutic water min. Donat Magnesium (mg) are presented in anhydride


Silicic acid


Total mineralization

13 250

Magnesium and sodium prevail In the composition of water. When interacting with other components, they provide a healing effect.

Indications for use and useful properties

The Presence of medicinal properties allows the use of mineral water magnesium Donat for the treatment of most diseases, and indications for its use such:

  • gastritis, constipation and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract: a therapeutic water releases the property to lower stomach, strengthen blood flow, restore peristalsis and mucous membrane of the colon;
  • diabetes: after taking mineral water Donat Magnesium restores the pancreas, reduces blood glucose, increases insulin production;
  • pancreatitis, hepatitis: increased blood flow, improved composition bile;
  • hypertension: reduces vascular spasms, strengthens their walls, stabilizes the pressure;
  • postoperative period: therapeutic water gives additional strength to the body and helps it recover faster after surgery;
  • male infertility: accelerates the movement of sperm (water helps only in cases where the cause of their inhibition is the lack of magnesium in the body);
  • depression: increased appetite, improves mood, leaves apathy;
  • overweight: due to the improvement of metabolic processes occurring in the body, fat deposits are split;
  • food poisoning: toxins, slags and other dangerous substances are excreted from the body.

Thus, water Donat MG heals the whole body. It cleanses it, strengthens the immune system, preventing many diseases, helps the organs to work correctly.

Note! According to experts, water Donat Magnesium even takes an active part in the production of hormones.

receive Donat Magnesium?

To obtain therapeutic effect need to know, as correctly to drink mineral water Donat Magnesium. Depending on the indications for use, developed special therapy regimens:

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the NS: 150-200 ml fasting in the morning, as well as half a glass before lunch and dinner;
  • diabetes: 1 Cup in the morning on an empty stomach, 150 ml in the rest of the day;
  • hypertension, male infertility, cholelithiasis: half a glass before meals;
  • obesity, excretion of toxic substances: 300 ml in the morning on an empty stomach and 200 ml before lunch and dinner;
  • constipation: up to 350 ml in the morning before meals, 200 ml in the afternoon and evening;
  • hangover: 350 ml in the morning, half a glass every 2 hours throughout the day.

Regardless of the indications, magnesium water Donat MG should be drunk immediately before meals. Dosages in each individual case can be adjusted by the attending physician.

instructions for use of water Donat Magnesium children

How to use mineral water for children depends on their age:

  • older than 10 years: 120 ml before meals in the morning, the same amount before lunch and 50 ml before dinner;
  • 6-10 years: 100 ml in the morning before meals, the same amount before lunch and 40 ml before evening meals;
  • 1-6 years: 80 ml before meals in the morning and afternoon, 40 ml before evening meals;
  • up to a year: 10 ml every 3-4 hours before repasts.

Therapeutic water is useful not only for adults, it is recommended to drink and children. As a rule, it is used in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, which often happens in childhood due to the unstable digestive system. In case of poisoning, this water, along with medications, helps to remove toxins from the body, as well as restore the functions of the stomach and intestines. Children up to a year it will allow better take the child to adjust to a new diet.

regimen during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman's body needs support more than ever. And it can have mineral water Donat Magnesium.

During the period of bearing a child is recommended such a scheme of reception:

  • withstand water at room temperature for at least 2 hours;
  • drink 200 ml before eating in the morning, you can have Breakfast later 20 minutes;
  • drink 150 ml before day and evening meals.

Since many women suffer from constipation during pregnancy, healing mineral water will help to avoid such problems. It will make the intestines work properly.

Note! It is not recommended to exceed the established dose of water Donat Magnesium, as it can lead to flatulence, diarrhea and, as a consequence, dehydration.

instructions for use for athletes

For People who play sports or just lead an active lifestyle, magnesium Donat water will help restore strength and make up for the lack of energy. As you know, during classes they are lost a lot. In addition, there is a significant load on the muscles and internal organs. With the help of mineral magnesium water will be able to recover in the shortest possible time, feeling the charge energy and energy.

Magnesium is actively involved in the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the human body. If this element is not enough, there are violations of the functions of internal organs. Magnesium water will make up for it.

The Beneficial properties of magnesium Donat medicinal water for athletes are as follows:

  • getting rid of fatigue;
  • strengthening of the heart muscle;
  • increased physical endurance;
  • muscle growth;
  • getting rid of pain and muscle spasms.

Note! Since magnesium is ionized in mineral water, the body is more quickly saturated with it. If you take it in the form of tablets, the body will have to spend additional energy to assimilate this element.


Drink water Donat Magnesium is undesirable for renal insufficiency, gastrointestinal diseases, which are severe, with internal bleeding, kidney stones, cancer. Contraindication is the presence of problems with the kidneys.

Side effects after taking magnesium Donat mineral water are diarrhea, constipation, flatulence. As a rule, undesirable effects occur only in case of non-compliance with the treatment regimen. The dosage recommended in the manual application, do not exceed.

Note! Before using mineral water Donat Magnesium should consult with your doctor. This will help to avoid unwanted effects.


Mineral water Donat Magnesium is unique. However, you can mark other tools with a similar effect. Their composition is also dominated by magnesium.


General data

Zajecicka Horka, Czech Republic

Non-Carbonated drink with a taste of bitterness

Stelmas Mg, Russia

Carbonated water

Narzan, Russia

Mineral water with average gas content

Truskavetskaya, Ukraine

Slightly Carbonated mineral water

Alaska Magnesium, Russia

Highly Carbonated mineral water

expert Advice

Since the composition of mineral water Donat Magnesium is present in a large number of useful minerals, its benefits are obvious. It activates all important biochemical processes in the human body. Just a few minutes after drinking magnesium water comes to all cells and organs, providing healing impact.

Note! Experts say if the use of water Donat Mg comply with the established norms, it is possible only with its help to fill the daily dose of magnesium in the body.

Since magnesium water has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems, it should be drunk with therapeutic courses. According to experts, the greatest positive effect is observed in the treatment of diseases gastrointestinal tract, arrhythmia and diabetes. In order not to harm, it is necessary to perceive such water as a medicine, and not an ordinary drink to quench your thirst. It is important to observe the recommended doses and do not exceed them.

It is Desirable to drink water at room temperature, because in this form it is absorbed by the body best.

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