Maggie diet, REVIEWS and results of weight loss

The diet Maggie, reviewsMaggie's Diet is a popular 4 week diet. There are 2 options: egg and cottage cheese, both equally effective, which to choose for weight loss – depends on individual preferences.

    Read More about the diet menu and the rules of its observance in the article diet Maggie.

This page provides reviews of the diet and some results of weight loss on it.
Below you can read new reviews about Maggie's diet and share your results, ask a question.

Some results and testimonials on the egg diet Maggi

In the list of diets, which is also called differently – the ABCs of diet, the diet Maggie is one of the leading positions.

Maggi diet reviews, losing weightMaggie Diet: slimming reviews, photos before and after

Maggie Diet is a variant of a diet of egg and therefore the egg more well-known variant of Maggi, reviews which presented below.

Rimma 1ned.6D
Hi there! Girls I feel so bad, yesterday I woke up from hunger, wanted to get a drink of water and I felt sick, dizzy and lost consciousness several times, called an ambulance, and now are, too, the weakness of the body, anyone had it? With Maggie tear of course.

Tasha36 (4ND 1 day)
Rimma, hi. Did you eat normal meals or small ones? Water clean enough saw? Many neglect this, and with a protein diet, the intestine needs clean water to work and remove toxins. I can hardly drink it myself, I just cram it into myself, but I persuade myself that there will be no problems with going to the toilet and dehydration. You yourself analyze what and how, and how much you ate, and drank, and understand, or you did not follow all the rules, or protein diet you are contraindicated. I wish you to get well soon and find a suitable diet for you.

After dinner, don't you should want to eat – means eat slightly more than written – but you must be satisfied. I here is for example very often'm having dinner much before 18 – can and in 16 and in 17 – so as there is want – but then feel is famously – and only drink green tea.. maybe you should try it.. no need to constantly be in a hungry state. And most importantly you need to enjoy the color of the food, its type and quantity – because if you are constantly dissatisfied with anything – the result will not be.. More positive girls

somebody was asking about the MKC, I drink 3 tablets 3 times a day, or even if you drink 2 liters of water a toilet is regularly visited, as well as watch well, plus or minus. A diet Maggi complain about it to that, I haven't felt any trouble yet. The only huge disadvantage is that it is difficult to swallow them, but I have already adapted.

Today such happy day, cheers, ended protein diet Maggie, 4 week – proved for me the most complex, but in a whole has passed she quickly . and I did not expect the result met my expectations, which is pleased. This morning I ate oatmeal on milk with fruit, this is a joy, I wanted it so much!!!!!
So results for 4 weeks:
Initially growth 168, weight 55, 3
After a diet Maggi – 50.5 kg. In volumes well has declined, now 89-67-90, and was 90-75-93. In General, where it went all the way to 8cm!!!!
The first and second week Maggie were OK, but frankly, I was a bit broken, especially at 4 weeks. The 3 week diet Maggie, where fruit days, saw an additional plain yogurt 1%, but felt much better. Know what was going on, my violation is not much had a negative impact on the results. Over the last month with my weight think to lose -4,8 it's great!!!!
Thank you all, with your support, solidarity, visit the website, read a lot, charged energy, and further in the fight))

Maggi diet reviews, losing weightDiet Maggie, photo before and after

Greetings girls! My weight slowly but surely goes down, today on the scales I saw 55,9 , this ten years did not see, recognized feel themselves rejuvenated. So gorgeous that don't watch your stomach, don't pull it in at all, and it doesn't stick out. Cellulite evaporated, I just flutter, and some three months ago I suffered all this with a weight of 63.5. I still can not believe that I managed to lose weight, I thought that without some radical measures such a result is simply not possible, but as it turned out, the main thing is to want. I also improved my health. All forces, you will succeed!!!

Good morning, girls!
That's over MY diet Maggie, 4 weeks passed quickly, and what a result!
Started with 84,4 (growth 171), after -7,900!!! Aaahhh, I was going to buy 8 kg... )))
Happy with the result, was rarely violated (sometimes coffee with milk without sugar, a couple of times was liver...))) Very often do not eat all that was put.
But I feel better, I'll treat myself to continue in "the way", but not snapped completely)))

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