Macrobiotic diet | For weight loss and health

The Name of the diet comes from the Greek words "long" and "life". The macrobiotic diet is based on the system preached by the Japanese teacher and philosopher George Osawa in the early 20th century.

Almost all animal products are excluded From the diet and only small amounts of fish and meat remain, and the emphasis is on whole grains and boiled vegetables. That is all the food that will help how to lose weight and recover and save health.

All products are described in terms of Yin (compressing) and Yang (expanding), and the need to establish a balance between them is emphasized. Products with a predominance of only Yin or Yang are excluded.

Macrobiotic diet requires to stick to food made up of 50% whole grains; 20-30% vegetables, 5-10% beans and seaweed 5-10% – of soups.

Sometimes fish with white meat, such as flounder and halibut, and fruits and nuts are recommended.

The number of products that should be avoided include potatoes, peppers, meat products, eggs, hot drinks, hot spices, and any purified, refined or artificially created products.

Use of macrobiotic diet

Studies have shown that focusing on whole grains and vegetables and excluding processed foods can have a positive effect on the body.

Heart Disease. Low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates and fiber, the macrobiotic diet promotes cardiovascular health.

Cancer Prevention

There is evidence that this diet may reduce the risk of breast cancer. Indeed, it includes products such as soy and sea vegetables that contain anti-cancer compounds. However, the use of diet to treat cancer remains controversial. Even those who support this diet and the prescribed exclusion of canned foods and saturated fats, warn that while there is no reliable evidence that any diet can cure the disease.

Nutritionists warnings

While a diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates is considered healthy, some nutritionists fear that a strict macrobiotic diet is not sufficiently diverse, especially when it comes to children and pregnant women. Especially concerned about the lack of iron, calcium and some vitamins.

Overly limited its variants, which rely almost exclusively on the cereal, can be dangerous due to lack of protein and other necessary to human body of nutrients.

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