Macaroni diet: lose weight in Italian

Macaroni diet: lose weight in ItalianEvery woman knows that it is always below waist remained wasp. Butter, mayonnaise, sugar, any bakery products should be strictly prohibited. The list includes macaroni, or rather, were until recently. Nutritionists are seriously thinking about whether all the pasta add extra pounds and centimeters? Why Italians and Italians, eating pasta in unlimited quantities, are the owners of slender and fit figures? V looking for answers to questions arose the so-called pasta diet. Our article will tell you how to lose weight in Italian.

Pasta diet principles for weight loss

Let's see what is the main secret of this delicious principle of weight loss. As you know, our body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The latter – the main source of energy for the body, but carbohydrates are different. Quick or simple immediately absorbed by the body and easily transformed into fat. These substances are harmful if you are on a diet.

Pasta contains complex or slow carbohydrates that are not quickly split, glycogen gradually enters the bloodstream, and a person has a long feeling of satiety. In addition, the body is the production of the hormone of happiness – serotonin, which allows you to carry a diet easily and not fall into depression. Well, the last plus is the lack of fat in spaghetti. Macaroni diet is good not only for weight loss, but also to normalize metabolism, improve skin, nails and hair.

Those who followed the example of Sophie Lauren, with rave about the pasta diet. Firstly, it has no strict time limits, and secondly, the diet is diverse and exquisite taste. Well, and most importantly, eating Mediterranean dishes, you consume about 1000 kcal. a day and lose about 3 kg in a week.

Rules pasta weight loss diet

To achieve impressive results, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions. The pasta needs to be right. When buying spaghetti, foam or noodles, make sure that they are made of durum wheat, otherwise their caloric content will be off scale. Cook pasta need a lot of water, they should not be digested and be sticky. The best option – slightly undercook. In order not to lose useful substances, the paste should be immediately pulled out of the water and not rinsed.

Fatty sauces or mayonnaise can spoil the Italian diet, but olive oil, Basil, favorite vegetables or grated Parmesan will make the dish not only dietary, but also very tasty.

Stick to macaroni diet, do not forget to eat fruits and vegetables. Dinner same should be fully protein. Eating like Sophie Lauren, give up sugar, animals fat, starch, fatty dairy products.

Diet pasta diet

Here Is a rough Italian diet for the day.

Breakfast can be purely carbohydrate, such as tea or coffee plus fruit. Lunch – any kind of pasta. Choose: pasta with vegetables or spaghetti with seafood. During dinner, give preference to protein: fish, chicken or beef go well with rice or vegetables. The juice will satisfy your hunger in between meal. Remember that it is better to use freshly squeezed and without adding sugar. Good appetite and a slim figure!

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