Lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes

Bags under the eyes and swelling of the eyelids appear more often with age. Quickly get rid of swelling under the eyes helps lymphatic drainage facial massage. Bags under the eyes are often observed in people of age, they spoil the appearance, age the face, make it tired and puffy. So why not get rid of the problem, if it is so simple and easy to implement at home?

Note! Sometimes cause bags under the eyes are serious diseases. In such cases, adequate treatment is necessary. After getting rid of the cause of swelling under the lower eyelids of the eyes may disappear on their own.

at what age is lymphatic drainage massage recommended against swelling under the eyes?

As a rule, lymphatic drainage massage of the face from swelling under the eyes is often necessary for women after 40 years, because as they age, this defect manifests itself more strongly. But it's not it means that such a problem can not be faced by young people. Even at a very early age, sometimes there are bags under the eyes.

The Causes of swelling under the eyes is not only a violation of the lymph flow. Often bags appear with excessive use of fluid before bedtime, poor performance of the kidneys, thyroid or heart, lack of rest, Smoking. In his youth, is usually small enough massage and cosmetic means to get rid of the problem. If the bags under the eyes were formed after 40 years, most often requires a more professional massage in conjunction with the use of additional drugs.

Effectiveness of lymphatic drainage massage

The Main goal you are trying to accomplish by doing lymphatic drainage massage – to activate the movement of lymph. This is what helps to get rid of puffiness under the eyes. Stagnant liquid together with toxins and other harmful substances are excreted from the body.

In General, the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage massage around the eyes is as follows:

  • the resumption of regeneration of tissues;
  • activation of old cells, which is the prevention of the appearance of facial wrinkles;
  • elimination of wrinkles and folds under the eyes;
  • increased skin elasticity, which is achieved by improvement of elasticity;
  • relaxing the optic nerve, reducing eye strain;
  • the maintenance of muscle tone;
  • getting rid of bruises and swelling under the eyes.

In order to prevent lymphatic drainage eyelid massage can be performed from 25 years. According to cosmetologists, it is at this age that the skin begins to lose energy and strength. However, it is possible to strengthen the facial muscles and up to 25 years.


There are two main methods of lymphatic drainage massage from bags under the eyes:

  • manual – recommended for massage at home, for its use does not require special devices, the impact on the skin is carried out with the help of fingers;

  • hardware – it is used in beauty salons, this technique includes electrophoresis, radiofrequency and microcurrent massage.

Note! To date, developed special portable devices by type of vibro-glasses. Their action is achieved by a tight fit, so that an effective effect on the skin around the eyes. But this procedure has many contraindications. In particular, you will need to be consulted by an ophthalmologist and dermatologist.


Indications for the prohibition of the use of lymphatic drainage massage of the eyelids are:

  • diseases of the eye viral nature;
  • inflammatory processes occurring in the eye area;
  • allergic reactions, which caused swelling of the eyelids;
  • cancer tumors;
  • open wounds, burns or cuts on the skin of the face.

These contraindications are grounds for refusal of lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage technique

Thoroughly clean your face, because during any massage sterility is important. For cleaning, you can use foam or gel for washing. Also, do not be amiss to wipe the areas of exposure with a tonic and apply a special tool for the eyelids (eye cream, serum, nourishing oil, etc.).

Note! If the cream is quickly absorbed, immediately before the massage it is recommended to apply it again.

Hands are thoroughly washed and preferably treated with alcohol. Also you can wear sterile gloves. It is worth noting that lymphatic drainage massage is recommended to perform simultaneously with both hands.

Step-by-Step lymph drainage massage for swelling under the eyes is performed as follows:

  1. Apply massage oil or cream on the treated area.
  2. index and middle fingers are used First. Make circular movements clockwise around the outer corners eye.

  3. use These same fingers to gently press on the skin under the lower eyelids, moving from the temporal region to the bridge of the nose. Repeat the exercise three times. After that, go to the upper eyelid and perform similar pressure, but in the opposite direction.
  4. For several seconds to make the pressure pads of four fingers on the lower eyelids. Then the same thing again with the top century.

  5. to Make "rifts". Ribs of the middle fingers, unfolded nails to the temple, perform rolls, moving the nail plate to the nose. The fingers from the skin to tear off it is impossible. Rifts are carried out to the inner corners of the eyes, repeated about 5 times. Do a similar movement on upper centuries, but in opposite directions.
  6. Using the middle fingers to make light pressure on the outer corners of the eyes (10 times), then make a roll on the lower eyelid, as in the previous paragraph. Press 10 times on the inner corners of the eyes, and then – roll over the upper eyelid. Thus, you get a circular motion, which is repeated 10 times.

  7. Using the middle and index fingers to make slight movements on the circular muscle of the eyes, while capturing the lines above the eyebrows and the upper part of the cheekbones. Should be sent from the temple to the nose. To continue the same thing on the upper eyelids in reverse.
  8. Wash with cool water.

When the lymph drainage massage is completed, you can wash and make a contrast bath. In the palm of your hand, you need to dial the cool water and let stand in her face for about 10 seconds. Then repeat the procedure with warm water. Thus, alternating cold and heat, do 10 times.

In the end, it is recommended to apply on the eyelids a light emulsion. For a more tangible effect, special cosmetic products are used, designed to eliminate bags under the eyes. Their action is to restore the lymphatic vessels, enriching tissues and cells with oxygen, which will help in short ways to get rid of edema.

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